Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Story: Part 6, THREE

So there we were, that Saturday afternoon, finally pregnant.  Or so our three pregnancy tests said.  I wanted confirmation.  Real medical feedback.  So off I went Monday morning to get my blood work done with Dr. C.  They said they'd call back Monday afternoon.  I was in meetings but had my cell phone on vibrate because I did NOT want to miss that call.  My hCG levels were supposed to be between 50 and 100.  They called at 4:30 & I stepped outside to talk.  They said, "Well, Mrs. Vincent, you ARE pregnant.  Very pregnant.  Your hCG levels are 408."  I was trying to process both pieces of news, "That's high, right?," I managed to respond.  "Yes, we think you're having twins.  Or even triplets."  The way this news came out in my head, I think there was a lot of other information provided, because I came home that night and told Bray that the odds somehow shook out like 65% twins, 25% triplets, 10% singleton.  I'm confident no one gave me numbers, but that is how I translated it.  We were both elated at the idea of having twins because it would mean our child would have a sibling which we so desperately wanted (and did not want to go through fertility treatments again).  Triplets never seemed real at that time.  {Plus, two of my friends who recently had undergone fertility treatments had twins.} 

For the next couple of weeks I had to go in every other day to make sure my hCG levels kept doubling.  So that Wednesday, they didn't double.  I found this email I sent my college roommate, the only person I'd talked to through this whole process, and one of those who had so encouraged me during this struggle:

"hey there, just a quick prayer request if you have time. we got the results of our second set of blood work today & the hcg levels did not double as they expected. the doctor actually believes this is good news, that it may indicate that initially all three embryos took hold and this reflects that one has now let go. i'm trying not to read anything more into it or spend all afternoon on the web deciphering what the implications are if your hcg levels don't double. i go back friday & they expect them to double then. monday was 408. today was 640. still high (and still increasing). would you pray they see at least 1200 on friday? i'm perfectly happy with God choosing how many babies we're supposed to have, but i do pray that the pregnancy progresses and stays healthy. you're my only friend who knows, so i'd really appreciate help praying over these wee ones. thank you!"

Two days later, the Friday after the initial Monday test, this is what I wrote her:
"Thank you for praying.  All week I've just been praying, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean NOT ON YOUR OWN understanding........."  The nurse said they wanted the level to be between 1200 & 1600 & it was 1400 - could you get anymore perfect?  Only if you're God.  I'm just so happy and kept saying, I believe Father, please help my unbelief........ I'm still human but this process is teaching me trust at each step."

This process continued for a little over a week.  At 6 weeks I was allowed an ultrasound so we'd know for sure.  They wanted to schedule it for April 1st - I said, "No thanks, I'll never believe if it's an April Fool's joke or not."  So in we went on March 31st to have the very first ultrasound.  I still have the picture.  Dr. C had a place on the screen to put information for two babies in case it was in fact twins.  So off he goes, pressing that little wand down on my stomach like I'd seen a million times in movies.  He told us not to panic if we didn't hear heartbeats, it was still early.  But then, thump thump thump, we heard a little heartbeat and saw it pulse on the fuzzy black and white screen.  We were both elated.  He kept moving that wand around to see what else was there before he started taking measurements.  When out of the blue he said, "Oh, there's three."  I have to tell you, my initial reaction was complete joy.  I had felt since the moment of the transfer that these were all mine.  I had never felt that with the prior transfers.  I just felt like they were all hanging in there.  But then I looked over and Bray went sheet white and put his head in his hands.  You could tell he was not only surprised but completely terrified over the news.  We finished the heartbeat listening and picture taking, and then Dr. C met with us in the adjacent room.  He could tell that Bray was not prepared for this news.  He asked us to consider reduction (one of several times this option was raised).  Bray and I had said from the beginning, when we knew this was even a remote possibility, we would rather have three than zero, and our faith would never allow us to mess around with what God chose to give us.  He gave us some additional information, statistics about multiple pregnancies (which weren't pretty), and a referral to a high risk doctor.  We left the doctor's office and drove to dinner (we don't eat out much but now that I was on alert that I'd need a lot of calories, popcorn and cereal would not cut it).  I remember him looking completely overwhelmed and stressed out.  I was trying not to be overjoyed because clearly the prospect was frightening for him (it should have been more so for me).  I remember him saying, "I'm not upset.  I'm okay.  I'm just worried.  About the babies health.  About your health.  About the money...."  I called my parents that night to share the news.  He had to take a little longer, he couldn't even talk about it for 24 hours. 

The next day, this is the email I sent to my sweet college roomie and our suitemate (who luckily lived nowhere near me and were Godly women I could trust to pray without anyone knowing the news which we weren't ready to share yet):

What a joy, and funny twist of events, that the two women I'm getting to share my early joys with this month are also those who I've known now for over 1/2 my life! I so appreciate your sweet prayers & excitement as I've been bursting to run the hall with the news. I have an update and a prayer request. We went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and the babies look good & are on target with those of a singleton. We got to hear their strong heartbeats, which is so incredible to me, since they're not even 1/2 inch long yet. God's miracles! You may have noticed the plural - the big surprise is that there were three sets of those strong heartbeats. I'm excited, but Bray is overwhelmed. So if I could ask for three prayers when you get time:

1. Bray - he's so overwhelmed, he's almost shut down. He's worried about health, money, etc., all the things our strong provider husbands are supposed to be looking after. But I don't want it to so consume him that we can't enjoy the pregnancy.
2. The babies - right now they look good, though one is a couple of days behind the others, and one has a smaller sack that the others. I have to go in every week to be monitored and I'd just pray that they'd all stay equal in size and in their rooms.
3. My term - The doctors want to get me to 30 -32 weeks. Some triplets have even gone as far as 33 - 34. Obviously, the longer they cook, the healthier they are. My due date would have been Nov. 22nd & now the goal is to get me to the end of September. Pray that everything I do (nutrition, work, etc.) would all be focused on getting these babies to "term."
I am excited. I'm reeling a little bit at the logistics but for right now I'm just going to enjoy God's many blessings and trust Him to keep them in His care.
I cherish you both & thank you for sharing this with me,


  1. Even though I knew it when it was happening, I still want to read every last detail!! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Hi Gindi, I am just meeting you because of SHeSpeaks and a note from Cynthia O'Neal, the gal who has the radio show to teens. Well, as I am reading your story... I must tell you... I, too, went through infertility. My conception was such a miracle too. BUt I only had 1 baby! My daughter is now 13 years old. Can't wait to read the rest of your story. Love in our Jesus, Barb