Monday, November 15, 2010


I think I must write on Mondays because (a) I'm back at the office & can actually turn on the computer, and (b) the weekends are filled with hilarity now.  Seriously, I have enough anecdotes to last me til their 18th birthdays from just ONE weekend!

I plan to download pictures this week for Wordless Wednesdays since words really can't communicate the highlights like pictures (or videos) can, but here's the high points:

1.  As I mentioned last week, our dainty dame is now fighting back when the boys come to push her off her rocking dog or steal her puzzle pieces.  She's clearly learned biting from Mr. Chunky (what the heck do you do about that w/a 13 mo old?), but unlike the boys, she only has one half of one tooth.  So it's funnier than anything else - her favorite retaliation is to bite your nose, or swallow it whole, I'm not sure what she's attempting.  In either event, my mom, husband, myself, and both the boys have had their noses gobbled by the little lady.  In addition, she's walking across half the play room, but really she wants to run, so she goes as fast as her legs will carry her at a 45 degree angle tilted forward until she tumbles.  This maneuver has to been seen to be appreciated. 
2.  My eldest, the thinker and engineer, has now turned into Mr. Clingy.  I'm thinking about taping Bounce around his hands just to unstick him from me or anyone else that he deems his favorite for the day.  Fascinating evolution since he was the most distant and comfortable playing alone in the early months.  Now he is ATTACHED.  He is also saying deer because they are all absolutely enthralled with Bray's deer hanging from the play room (previously our den).  We pick them up so they can pet them, & now they want to pet the deer every time we pick them up.  But he's also fascinated with anything up high - so now we touch fans, lights (watch out, they're hot), pictures, along w/the three deer. 
3.  And the baby.  Well, I feel bad for him that he was born a triplet because he needs more attention than a triplet gets.  He, and I'm not using this word loosely, NEEDS attention from the adults in the room.  Particularly me, Bray and my mom.  If he's not getting enough attention, he'll do something he knows he's not supposed to so we'll focus on him.  Not only will he individually go and eat a shoe or try to get in a drawer which is off limits, but if he even HEARS me telling another one "no" (which I realize you're not supposed to say, and you should just redirect, but honestly, sometimes "no" just comes out), he will speed crawl over and do whatever it is the other ones are getting in trouble for so HE can be the focus of the discipline.  Oh, and he laughs maniacally while doing said misdeed.  Seriously throws he head back & laughs w/his whole body.  I have to bite a hole through my tongue just to keep from laughing right along with him.  (It's not like he's downing poison, he's trying to put my husband's flip flop in his mouth......)  He knows he's cute and funny so I'm going to have to keep an eye on him. 

All in all, in our house, you need to go to work to rest.  It's mayhem.  But they are learning so much, so fast, and it's fascinating to watch (they figured out how to put the right shapes in the puzzles this weekend - really cool!).  But they wipe me out and remind me why folks used to have kids when they were younger :)

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