Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Words and Germs

Funny v. reality.  That is my life.  Intermittently hysterically funny and unfunnily real. 

In the funny category - the thinking elder statesman of my children is now a mimic.  As a result of that, we are getting the following words as he turns 14 mos this week - quack quack, gobble gobble, duck, deer, mama, dada, cup, cog, thank you, okay, and what I believe is "more."  He's also mastered several of our sign language signs, which certainly includes more (and ball!).  I, of course, jump around and cheer like a banshee each time he utters one of these new words which thrills him to no end - they all love having a cheering section but to have the attention so singularly lavished when it's generally divided is (I believe) his biggest incentive for an expanding vocabulary. 

In the not even remotely funny category - THREE SICK KIDS all weekend after Thanksgiving.  Last Thanksgiving, with the babies not even two months, we were on lock down in our house.  However, this year was the full Vincent family Thanksgiving melee complete with seven school aged cousins, aka speedy germ factories.  So promptly on Friday afternoon, 24 hours after exposure, I had three sick kids and a husband out of town.  Fevers, coughs, crying, and desperate needs to be held were all a part of the show.  Because one cough was so bad I took 2 of the 3 to the doctor yesterday missing half of work.  But kids are like cars.  They never make their noises when you take them in.  So while I'm happy to have my children pronounced clear from chest or sinus infections, they're still coughing and crying and generally not feeling so hot.  The bubble boy may have been on to something...........

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