Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day (of many) of School

Drama, drama, drama.  You would think the kids were going to kindergarten with all the drama of the first day of school this morning.  Lord have mercy!  The boys, who do not exactly speak with verbal clarity yet, when asked by Bray if they wanted to go to school this morning responded with the clearest "no" you have ever heard - and pronounced with feeling.  (The little lady on the other hand, said yes, she's always been the least dependent.)

So we started MDO this morning - a Monday/Tuesday, 9 am to 2 pm, program at the church where Bray and I were married (if you recall, it was quite the effort getting them in to this particular program).  We visited their classroom and teachers on Friday morning and there was a fair amount of crying and groaning about that 45 minute adventure even though both Miss Maria and I stayed with them.  Over the weekend, we decorated their giraffes with pictures and stickers and colors to hang on their classroom wall (they are the "Giraffe" class so we were told to make decorating our weekend family art adventure).  We got their nap mats ready, their clothes laid out, and their lunch boxes labeled.  Quite the endeavor. 

None of these painstaking efforts were appreciated by the boys though.  They made it clear that they love mommy and daddy and any attempt to stick them with a teacher away from home would be met with serious resistance.  They cried all morning.  They cried getting loaded in the car (hence these lovely first day of school pictures you see).  They cried getting ready.  They wanted to be spoon fed ONLY by mommy at breakfast.  What drama.  Both Bray and I were snappish because there's only so much howling a family can endure before you get a little edgy.  FYI, snappish parents make for even MORE hysterical children. 

Nonetheless, the first morning of school is now history.  Hallelujah.  Now, let's hope I can survive the second day. 
Our Meet the Teacher Friday

Our Attempt At Family Photos On The First Day
Lillie Dancing Upon Arrival in the Classroom
The Boys Playing Puzzles with the Teachers (T Minus Meltdown)

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  1. It's awesome. They will have so much fun and truthfully the worst part is when they WANT to go or don't want to go HOME with you!! Love it! Hope to see you this weekend.