Monday, November 28, 2011

Bouncy Houses Rock, And Other Nonsense

Saturday we went to a friend's son's second birthday party.  It was at a bouncy house place.  But not just any place.  It was a bouncy house dream land.  The party was in its own private room with bouncers big and small.  Included in this bouncy fabu-land, which my daughter squealed over with delight being half rabbit, was a gigantic bouncy slide that you can only get up by climbing a rope ladder.  Imagine having been away from boot camp for five months how grueling climbing a rope ladder was with three toddlers in front of you who repeatedly lose their footing and slide into you while you beg your arm muscles to remember what they are for.  Nonetheless, the super fast sliding action you were met with upon descent made the treacherous climb well worth the effort.  And I think I lost two pounds. 

Not only was our Saturday super fun, but the Thanksgiving outing to Austin, where we stayed under one roof with ALL 21 Vincents was not as overwhelming as I'd imagined.  We had our room and the kids actually went to bed at a decent hour and we ate great Thanksgiving food and the trio absolutely loved playing outside all day with their cousins. 

However, the weekend was not without incident.  As happens inevitably when we meet with great masses, the kids get sick.  And boy is my sweet eldest sick.  He's coughing and running a fever and I don't know what he caught but Bray's at the doctor with him now.  What with the weather turning cold, we've all got the sniffles and are saying prayers that no one else gets any sicker.  In addition, the little lady is 16.  Or so you would think.  She is cutting her eyes at me, saying "no" with such inflection you'd think we took the car keys, and completely disagreeing with my wardrobing choices for her (despite my penchant for style!).  I keep telling her she's two and she can't behave this way for at least another 12 years but she seems immune to the guidance.  Finally, the little baby is still just hysterical.  We're going on two weeks of him being the obedient light-spirited one and he's even adapted this little flirty wave for select people - imagine your palm outstretched sideways with your fingers snapping in as if to catch a butterfly - it's his little signature move and it's being met with warm reception near and far. 

All in all a Thanksgiving that will be fondly remembered with grateful thanks to the Lord for his continued delights. 

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