Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bedlam (literally)

Last night, at my house, there was bedlam.  Literally:  bed. lam.  Meaning everyone learned how to escape from their cribs.  As you may recall, the eldest had already figured out this skill until we turned the bed around and trapped him in on all sides (in front of him was the back of the crib which is very high, to two sides were wall, and the final side was the high side of little lady's crib).  This had been successful for a few months.  Until the baby just learned to crawl out of his crib.  This motivated the eldest to SCALE the high side and drop down outside.  So upon returning to my house last night from an overnight trip, I rejoiced in having arrived in time to tuck them in bed.  Little did I know that I would tuck them in again, and again, and again.  I lost count.  But from 7:45 to 10 (that's right, 10 pm!), we were putting them back in bed.  I sat in their room and sang songs to keep them in the crib, I rocked them, I cuddled them with their animals, but to no avail.  The second I stopped, tried to tiptoe out of the room, out they came, pell-mell, with the baby doing this hysterical white man dance exhibiting great joy and pride at his accomplishment. 

IN ADDITION, Bray came up with the genius idea of shutting their door to keep them in the room.  I was hesitant because they had never had that door closed and instead thought we should relocate one of our child-proofing gates to their door frame.  But that would have taken a fair amount of work at 9 pm at night.  So upon shutting the door we were met with (a) hysterical sobbing and screaming, mainly from the little lady who I believe is teething again and in a bad mood, and (b) a LOCKED door.  Yes, they turned the doorknob lock and locked themselves in.  So then we're on the ground unscrewing the doorknob from the door so we can get to the inner workings of the door and extricate them from their imprisoned status (dad wasn't nearly as frantic about the door locking situation as mom, I was ready to break into their window so frantic was I). 

So tonight the gate goes up, and this weekend the bed's get converted to toddler beds, and you get to experience what I'm sure will be a series of stories on the bedlam that ensues...........

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