Friday, January 6, 2012

Not a Stitch

I've been talking about marriage a lot lately.  The last few posts have been pretty serious.  All about issues that plague a marriage and ways we might improve.  But this post is a lot lighter and simultaneously more taboo.  I think a lot of marriages would improve if the two parties involved more frequently had not one stitch on.  Married people should be naked around each other more. 

Lest you think I popped one too many Zyrtec this morning, I am not alone in this theory of marital improvement.  God personally endorsed it.  Genesis 2 says, " Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame."  God didn't knit them together a wardrobe.  He made them and left them there in the buff, quite happily I might add. 

The thing is, stuff happened, and that condition became less than ideal.  It's the same in a marriage.  Heck, at the beginning, all anyone is interested in is being naked.  But life happens.  Work, finances, kids, etc., and exhaustion sets in.  As do very unappealing pajamas.  As do body changes.  And suddenly, folks aren't that interested in getting, or staying, naked. 

I have to say, I'm really fortunate.  I still think my husband is HOT.  I still think he's the best kisser on the planet, and I am often super excited to curl up next to him at night.  But life happened to us too.  My body is not the pre-kid 32 year old one it was on our honeymoon.  We have conflict.  We are exhausted.  But a dear friend gave me some sage advice recently.  In the midst of struggle in our marriage, my friend said, "Attack him!  Go to bed, do it now, and connect.  You need to connect!" 

Getting naked won't save your marriage.  It takes a lot of work to do that.  But sometimes getting naked, and whatever else ensues, will HELP your marriage.  It does diffuse a tense situation, it does take your mind of a dispute, it does help you to reconnect, and it even helps you be less exhausted and sleep better (medically proven!).  So when in doubt, take your clothes off (just make sure there's no one else around!).

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  1. So true! Should have been naked more times this week than I was! Thank you for the reminder!

    Just read this article off of FB this morning. In light of your marriage series, I thought I would share it!