Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Is He To You?

I had the great joy of being at a Beth Moore bible study this week.  It was her kick off lesson and the study is based in Deuteronomy.  This did not remotely appeal to me, but I've been flailing lately in my walk with God and I always hear something I need to at her studies. 

Before she even spoke though they had a time of worship.  Music, as you well know from my many posts, ministers to my spirit and soul in a way that absolutely nothing else does.  After the worship leader sang a song about Jesus, she asked us to speak the name of Jesus with whatever words or description we could use to reflect what He was to us that week.  I have to tell you, I am not a public crier, but as I began to speak the words that He had been to me this week I lost it - Provider, Father, Security, Rest, Faithful, Forgiveness.....

So it made me want to ask, Who has He been to you this week?  Take a moment to speak aloud the things He has been to you and done for you in this month, this week, this day, this hour.  He wants to hear.

Emmanuel - God With Us
Yahweh - I Am That I Am
Jehovah Jireh - The Lord Who Provides
Jehovah Rapha - The Lord Who Heals
Jehovah Nissi - The Lord Our Banner
Jehovah Chatsahi - The Lord My Strength
Jehovah Machsi - The Lord Our Refuge
El Shaddai - God Almighty

Messiah, Almighty, Comforter, Teacher, Cornerstone,
Beginning and the End, Father, Shepherd, Healer,
Prince of Peace, Redeemer, Rock, Hiding Place,
Faithful and True, Mediator, Hope, Savior

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