Friday, April 20, 2012


I am madly in love with my husband.  In a couple weeks we will have been married six years, and together for eight and a half.  I love that God is perfectly okay with me being in lust with my hubby, too.  If that were a sin, I'd be hosed.  Luckily, since we're married, I get the green light.  There are days when I daydream about him like I did when we were first dating. 

Today is one of those days.  Because, in mere hours, we will be staying in San Antonio on the Riverwalk in a gorgeous hotel.  Walking around, holding hands, eating and drinking, and most importantly sleeping in late.  We have had one weekend away together since the kids were born.  This is number two.  It takes a lot of planning, but off we go.  And I am just as excited about sneaking away with my handsome hubby now as I was when we first wed (maybe more so now because it's so rare!).  He's even indulged me a little by letting us stay in a fabulous hotel:

I have a weakness for fancy hotels (and he even let me book a couple's massage!).  I am literally counting down the minutes until I have 40 uninterrupted hours with this amazing man.  If you are feeling a little weary after 2 or 20 years in your marriage, or even if you're in the midst of a fabulous season in your marriage, then try to find a little time away.  It may not be a weekend, normally it is not for us, but we do go out once a month.  It allows us to catch up, because conversation is hard to have sometimes with toddlers around, make out, and reconnect.  I love our date nights.  But I am CRAZY about our weekends.  I hope your weekend is as good as mine, but I doubt it will be!

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