Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 4.0

Okay, so I realize that most of you saw our precious Halloween theme this year in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday.  However, now that I have started the tradition (see last year's Halloween 3.0 post for the recap), I have to keep it going.

This year was a little odd because all the parties at school and in the neighborhood were last week so we had days of dead time before the trio donned their costumes again.  They had already done the school parade and and bounce house parties and could not quite figure out when Halloween actually starts and stops. 
Does this crack you up?  He wasn't even trying and looks like an evil Pirate!
I think they were a little baffled, but we hyped up the fact that this year they could TRICK OR TREAT which is brand new to us.  We kicked off the morning with their Halloween, not costume, outfits as they headed off to school and I almost passed out from how cute they were:

I got home before 5:30 so Bray and I could feed the kids a little early in order to "suit up" for the neighborhood candy hawking.  Luckily, in Houston it warmed up enough that little bit did not FREEZE in her Tinkerbell costume.  We started shortly after 6:30 with several of our neighborhood friends and it was fun (and funny!).  We practiced our "trick or treat" yells before heading out to a super kid friendly street with virtually no cars. 

However, taking three year old triplets trick-or-treating feels like taking octuplets.  Seriously.  I was wiped.  Bray was not quite as beaten down as me by the end of it, but still that process can knock you out.  Door-to-door-to-door.  Tinkerbell shedding wings and wand.  Captain Hook shedding hat and hook.  Peter Pan shedding bow and arrows.

The eldest got the hang of it quick.  He stopped waiting for people to hand him the candy, and instead sent double fists into the candy bowl to maximize his haul.  Clearly they figured out Halloween in a nano-second.  (Much like the way they took to hunting Easter eggs - the baby told me at bedtime that after breakfast this morning he was going back out trick-or-treating - he was sad to hear that was not an option.)
Bray led the multi-kid procession with our choo-choo wagon

The baby says, "hey mom" check this out

The little lady says, "really, I can knock on a stranger's door?"

A neighbor brought his guitar out and played for the kids

Yes, these are 3 full buckets of non-Weight Watcher friendly candy
It really was fun though to be a part of the neighborhood and the tradition Bray and I had as kids.  I'm wiped out this morning, but loved seeing their excitement.  Here's a little snippet of our practice round before approaching our first door: 

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