Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

I did not, like most of America, get a long weekend.  Both Bray and I had to work.  And we were down a nanny so it was working for me during naps and late nights and working for him at the restaurant.  We are exhausted.  Nevertheless, after an early morning, I took the trio to their first ever neighborhood 4th of July parade.  The kind I like to think they had in 1955.  Where everyone dolls up their bicycles and wagons (or in our case the choo-choos) and heads out, flags in hand, to celebrate our freedom in this great country.  And even though I was a little late on the decor category (picked up anything the grocery had last night so we could at least make an appearance in the parade), and even though it was a disastrous start to the morning where everything unwound, the parade itself was great.  The kids in the thick of things.  Seeing our neighbors with kids the same age.  Watching 18 month olds and 80 year olds chow on watermelon.  Marching to the festive music some lady piped out from a boom box she carried on her head.  All great free wholesome fun for the family.  And I for one am glad I ended up taking the kiddos.  Here's a few of the highlights (the fourth in our wagon is our neighbor friend down the street - the kids love to bring buddies in the extra cart):

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