Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So finally, after six months of planning, I can write about it - Saturday night, I (along with many others) pulled off what I didn't believe was possible in a day and age of e-mails/texts/cell phones - a SURPRISE birthday party.  And not just any surprise party, but my husband's big blow out 40th Surprise Birthday Party!  And if you doubt whether or not it was actually a surprise, you should have heard what came out of his mouth as we pulled up to our dear friend's house and there were over 50 people in the street to welcome him with a big "surprise!"  I can assure you, my husband who does not like surprises or being the center of attention was not initially all that happily surprised.  But I think about 10 minutes into it, when he saw his favorite friends and all of his family, he started warming to the idea.  He didn't have to stand in a circle while people roasted him or open presents in front of a crowd, he just got to spent the evening hanging out with some of his favorite people.

So now, I'm recuperating.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to throw a good party.  But never have I been more motivated to throw a perfect party than now, for my husband, who I adore, and who I have never had the chance to throw a party for before!  I started planning at the beginning of the year.  Secured my location and then began to research themes and invitations.  Found this adorable place in Wisconsin to do a fishing themed surprise 40th invite which my mother and I then took up a notch with fishing lures & burlap.

They went out eight weeks in advance so those out-of-towners could plan to come in (which they did - thank you very much)!  Then began the on-line ordering process for all the customized items which arrived in a trickle at my office from April to June - banners, cocktail napkins, party favors, etc.  Oh how I wish I could do this for a living.  And then the cherry on top was the This is Your Life scrapbook for which 19 people contributed stories and pictures.  I became so emotional reading all these wonderful memories of Bray and watching him as he grew.  I spent hours at night at Walgreen's scanning old photos in when he was out of town and my mom stayed with the sleeping munchkins. 

All of it culminated on July 23rd, 4 days before his birthday, when we went to our friends for a "fish fry" at HIS suggestion!  Low and behold, the gang was all there.  I am completely exhausted but never have I taken on a more worthy endeavor for a more worthy person.  It was such a gift to see him register how much everyone loves him and how thrilled we all were to be able to be a part of his life.  As a part of this week's blogging, I'll post my story entry for the scrapbook, and maybe even the kids, but the rest of the entries are for him to enjoy and appreciate alone (and one day for our kids to sit and read and see how loved their daddy is). 

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