Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy and Me

So this weekend, most of it, was a girls weekend.  Just me and the little lady while Bray took the boys for some tractor-plowing, cow-feeding, four-wheeler-riding on the farm. 

So. Much. Fun.  We had an absolute blast.  But I may be more exhausted after this weekend than a weekend when I have all three solo.  We did a ton.  You can't run non stop with three two-year-olds because it's too hard to get them in and out everywhere.  With one though, you can run a marathon.  Leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Climb Mount Everest.  (Although I ran into friends at the grocery store Saturday who have one son our kids' age and they were saying how "constrained" their activities are because they have a two year old - I guess it's all a matter of perspective!) 

Friday night we kicked things off with dinner with my mom at Memorial City and followed it with shopping and carousel riding.  Little bit had a blast and loved the two adult to one child ratio and accompanying undivided attention. 

Saturday ended up being jam packed.  We started off the morning having breakfast (and a little more shopping) with my best friend, little bit's Aunt Mary.  Did you realize you can actually engage in an adult conversation when there's only one child at the table?  Wow.  I mean it's not a prolonged conversation, but it certainly was a conversation.  How refreshing.  After our morning with Mary, we snuck in a bit of a nap at home, and then changed clothes (as a result of breakfast syrup) to go party with the Fresh Beat Band.  I'd never heard of these people, but it's some band on Nick Jr. my friend mentioned was coming in town.  I purchased some last minute tickets on Friday and the little lady went nuts over this band.  She manically danced the entire concert away.  I had a blast just watching her GET DOWN!  It cost a fortune but it was worth it:  price of two tickets to Fresh Beat Band - $ XX (refuse to publicly disclose); price of flashing light to dance with at dark concert - $10; price of a bottle of water - $5; price of parking - $7; mommy-daughter's first concert together - PRICELESS!

We followed the concert with cupcakes at Ooh Laa Laa bakery and a quick trip to the grocery store (where we encountered the aforementioned frazzled parents of one).  And then one more quick pit-stop at home before heading out for a Cinco de Mayo dinner with some of my favorite people who are neighbors of ours and have a son the same age as the kids.  The restaurant had a playground AND a bouncy house so little bit jumped for nearly two hours.  She was so pooped at the end of the day we couldn't even squeeze in a bath before she collapsed into happy dreamland in my bed. 

Sunday before the boys returned we did some errand running and low key activities but it was a fun easy day.  I adored my time with her and she with me.  Whenever something wasn't going on, she wandered around the house singing, it her lovely lilting voice, "I love you too, I love you too."  Sigh.  Tingles.  Bliss. 

I love you too baby girl.

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