Friday, May 18, 2012

The Sticker in My Panties and Other Nonsense

I went to the bathroom this morning and there was a green heart sticker in my panties.  I know this sticker.  I bought this sticker because we buy a lot of Target dollar stickers to use as rewards around my house (pee = sticker, win Simon Says = sticker, big helper = sticker, No. 2 = TWO stickers).  But I do not know how this sticker ended up in my underwear.  There are stickers everywhere in my house because once it's on the kids hands five minutes later it is off the kids hands.  Regardless, this is the first time one has made it into my lingerie.  It was a little disconcerting.

The other night all three children had to do some serious pottying post-dinner.  The little lady is so regular you can set a clock by her.  It is why she's the most advanced with her potty-training.  The boys, well, not so much.  So.........I was handling dinner with the kids solo and just as we were finishing up she announced she needed to poopy in the big potty.  Off we ran.  The boys followed.  I guess watching her got the eldest in the mood.  He says, "ME GO!"  So I am trying to hurry her along to get him up on the potty when the baby announced he too had to go.  This is a rarity, and since he needs the most work with potty-training, I was delighted and ran him to my bathroom.  Hilarity, for the outside observer, ensued. I'm running back and forth between all the children on the two potties, the bathrooms are on opposite ends, to ensure that (a) everyone gets to use the potty, (b) the stuff that needs to be IN the potty does not get ON the potty or the floor or their clothes, and (c) no one is injured in the process.  When Bray arrived home later that night I announced: Good news, bad news.  The good news is that all three kids went big potty tonight.  His response is, "what could be the bad news?"  My answer:  We need a new house.  One with three potties.  Especially since I think one is down now because the baby put a half a roll of toilet paper down it.......

The little lady has taken to saying, "no like Marie" or "no like daddy" or "no like Mimi."  She says this in between professing her love for the same individuals upon their arrival and departure.  She thinks it's funny.  We're trying to teach her this is unkind.  I explain we only say nice things about people and it's not kind to say you don't like someone.  She laughs at me like I just don't get her sense of humor. 

She's also pretty cool.  Definitely cooler than I was as a kid.  I'm having to change how I dress her because she's cooler than bows and polka dots.  I'll buy her an adorable toddler outfit and think, hmmm, she's too cool for this, she's gonna need something edgier.  I kid you not, this is what I'm thinking.  She's pretty opinionated about what she wears too.  And what I wear.  She pointed to my pants this morning, which are actually pretty fashionable, and says, "I like that."  Child is going to have some serious style. 

I got in late last night. I went into the kids room to cover them up and kiss them. They were sound asleep. When I got to the baby, he rolled over and said, "mommy, thank you" when I put the cover over him. Ahhh. I stood there for a minute just soaking him up, which he realized pretty quickly, and took advantage of the situation. He said, "lay down on the floor mommy." I told him, no buddy, so he stood up and "let me" carry him in to our room to cuddle up with me. I would not normally make an exception because this sets a terrible pattern with him, but he was just irresistible and I'd not seen him all day long.

The eldest is a hypochondriac.  He says, "me sick" a lot.  To his credit, he's actually been pretty sick lately.  Yucky cough.  He daily requests, "me go to doctor."  After we went to the doctor on Monday morning, he said "I better" on the way out.  To which I replied, well we haven't even gotten your medicine yet, but I'm glad that you're feeling better.  His response was, "me still sick.  go back to doctor."  We were literally still in the parking garage at the doctor's office........good heavens. 

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