Thursday, August 2, 2012


I started out to do today's post on Elohim, a name of God that has recently had some real significance for me, but the research was so exhaustive I decided to do this short little post instead and save Elohim for next week when I can appropriately finish my research (so stand by). 

Growing up, I listened to Barry Manilow.  Scoff if you will, but I still love me some Barry Manilow.  (And Neil Diamond to boot - there's nothing like a little Jazz Singer Coming to America to make your day!)  I remember one album we had in the house growing up had a song called Only In Chicago on it - I can still sing it:

Only in Chicago,
Love is in the air,
In Chicago,
There's a magic there in Chicago,
Our Chicago,
Baby you and I we tried to take it with us

If you ever listened to music in the '70s you've got that tune stuck in your head now.  I had no idea what the love lyrics meant at the time nor had I ever been to Chicago, but I have loved Chicago for as long as I can remember.  I tried to go to law school there (I didn't get in) and tried to get a job there after law school (couldn't find one), but I do get to go back every once and a while, largely because the American Bar Association is based there. 

I am delighted that I get to go back today.  More than that, I get to go with my best friend and will get to be a part of a lot of ABA Commission on Women activities as a result of a book on leadership I have been working on for them.  They recognize outstanding achievement by women in their field, and I am so excited to meet dynamic women from across the country.  The cherry on top is that I get to room with my best friend and meet up with my college roommate and her new baby for breakfast. 

The biggest downside is that I have now had to be away from the trio for two weekends within one month.  This is a first and I couldn't help but feel guilty driving away this morning.  I know they'll have a blast with their dad at the farm, but still..... 

So I'm working on a series that I will roll out with the new website about working mom and what we have to juggle and how do we decide what we say yes to and what we prioritize.  I'll also be restarting the fall downtown working women's bible study over the lunch hour.  I can't wait to see what God unfolds and I am so looking forward to learning from you as we figure out how to keep our focus on God and be good wives, mommies, and workers.  Until then, I leave you with a little Neil Diamond for your weekend viewing pleasure - it would have been Barry but I couldn't find Only in Chicago on YouTube and given that the Olympics are going on I couldn't resist some Coming to America (besides, who can beat that jacket?):

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