Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a difference a day makes......

So I thought I was having a rough week.  Bumps in the road at home.  Bumps in the road at work.  But then I realized they weren't real bumps.  They weren't even ant hills.  Yesterday, I was barraged with seeing real bumps from those going through some of their biggest life challenges.

A dear sweet friend of mine who prayed over me on my wedding day discovered her 3 year old has a rare fast growing cancerous tumor behind her eye.  They're doing a body scan as I type (and pray) to make sure it hasn't spread.  More than a bump, it feels like the road has opened up before her and ended in a cavernous pit.

A woman I've worked with in the community for years told me she's slated for surgery next week because she found out she has breast cancer.  Her three kids, two of whom are old enough to understand, are heartbroken.  More than a bump, it feels like a roadblock.
My mom's dear bible study friend had her husband unexpectedly die of a heart attack.
A triplet mom who's blog I read gave birth to a full term baby stillborn.
And in the midst of this barrage, you have to question what the Lord is doing.  Why?  How?  It makes no sense.  And I drove with all this sitting and circling in my head to a Beth Moore bible study.  Worship was lead by Christy Nockels.  She always has such a spirit of worship around her, and being still, surrounded by these voices, brought my heart back to who Christ is and why we follow him despite what we sometime see with our human eyes.  And sometimes we sing despite what we see because we know that we couldn't possibly understand the reasons why or what will happen as a result.  But we have faith.  Faith.  Faith in a loving God.  Faith in a Savior full of grace and mercy. 
If you haven't heard her sing Hosanna, get it and listen to it.  It isn't a song that says you're here in the middle of this terrible thing even though we don't see you.  There are great songs like that.  But it is a simple request and song of praise.  It's aspirational.  
I see a generation
Rising up to take their place
With selfless faith.  With selfless faith.
I see a near revival 
Stirring as we pray and seek
We're on our knees.  We're on our knees.
Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna in the highest....
Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
And show me how to love like You have loved me.
Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your kingdom's cause, As I walk from earth into eternity.
Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna in the highest....
And as a PS, even as I was surrounded by these road bumps cropping up all around, I was also reminded of the fact that we often sing praises to God because of the absolutely unimaginable beautiful miracles He performs every second.  I knew it the second I walked into our nursery and saw three beautiful sleeping one year old triplets that defied all the odds to become our children.  A day doesn't go by without my offering up a thank you to my Heavenly Father  - words that will never be enough to express the neon gratitude that my heart flashes each time I see their face and pick them up and kiss them and say "I love you."

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  1. So true, and I'm even starting to realize that God is molding me to the point that even the real road blocks in life seem like ant hills when He is what I care about!