Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is it possible to have that many people vomiting?

Yes, a graphic title, and one graphic enough to make you skip this blog entry if you have a weak stomach.  This has been a wretched week.  Last weekend I was doped up on drugs for an upper respiratory infection which I'm pretty sure the baby caught with fever and lethargy.  As we were coming up for air and I decided I could in fact rejoin boot camp, a vicious stomach bug hit our home.  Caught me unaware originally with a little throw up and other implications from the little lady Tues night and Wednesday.  But Thursday it hit full force.  I had one of the biggest speaking engagements I've ever had locally - client rich audience on my practice area hot spot, over 200 attendees when I got a call at one from my frantic nanny (my speech was at 2:30).  She didn't know whether to call ER or get one of us home to our eldest who could not stop throwing up and was lying limp in her arms.  Bray couldn't get off work so I had no choice but to make my apologies to the conference organizers and rush home to get him to the doctor.  I was in East Houston (I live in West Houston) and somehow got lost coming home, was running out of gas, and going 80 just praying that he was okay.  Fielding calls from the nanny and the doctor as we tried to make a determination about whether I should just call 911.  He started perking up a bit so I just got home to rush him to the doctor's office.  Shocking prediction - stomach bug.  We got some nausea meds but as I was walking through the door I had to rush to the bathroom to begin my own version of the vomiting plus saga which lasted stunningly the entire evening and I couldn't even keep down water.  Just as I dozed off around 10, I rushed into the kids room in time to have the baby throw up all over me.  It was all I could do not to dry heave on top of him.  We felt we were coming out of it Saturday morning when it hit Bray like a ton of bricks - I ran between the healing kids and a heaving husband.  My mom got it Sat night because she'd come to help. 

I am EXHAUSTED.  Bone tired.  Lost three pounds.  We are trying to mend, but I have to say that's the worst our family has ever endured on the illness front in 15 months as we've never all been hit like that - and in the 7 years I've known Bray, I've never seen him throw up.  I don't know how moms do it.  Seriously.  How do you take care of kids when you can barely stand up?

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