Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A record, three posts, one day. Up first, funny kids.

So there's so much I want to share today but I really don't want to take away from the seriousness of some with the lightness of others, so I am writing a record THREE postings today, which will probably do me for the next week - but whenever it hits, I try to write now.  So the lighthearted blog post first. 

My kids are hysterical.  I realized this when my assistant asked me yesterday if they were doing anything new, and I started rattling off ALL they were doing new.  I mean, they keep me in stitches.  Even though a lot of us have been sick this past week w/whatever is going around in Houston.  They still keep me laughing. 

First off, our little lady.  Despite the sadness of Aunt Norma Lee's death and services last week, she managed to keep us smiling.  We took the kids (now just 15 mos old) to the visitation on Tuesday night.  They were SO excited to be free of the gate that cages them into the play room at home that they ran around like crazy people.  (See previous blog on banshees to see why I didn't say ran around like banshees, though that still has a better ring to it in my mind.)  But my little bit especially.  She was running all around the funeral home, shoes kicked off, head thrown back, laughing like the world was her oyster (and it is).  She ran around the living room and the chapel area and in between the pews, daring one of us to catch her.  Laughing non stop.  I've never seen her like this.  And there was a stray kitten outside the doors of the chapel that she was ENAMOURED with - she loves all animals - but here she was banging on this glass door mewing to this kitten.  The kitten didn't know whether to try to rush into her arms or run fast the other direction, so she did a little of both.  There was something so precious about such life running in the midst of death - something hopeful and renewing.  And Aunt Norma Lee loved these children so you know she was just thrilled that there was the sound of children's laughter in that place.  Ever since that night, our little bit has run headlong all around our house.  Laughing all the time and trying to escape and hide from us - I've lost her in the house twice already.  Good heavens, what the months ahead hold. 

Meanwhile, the attention seeking baby has absolutely turned into an angel.  Not that he's not always been a love, but he is absolutely perfect (particularly in light of his other brother's terrible disobedience) - his toys are taken and he patiently finds a new one, he kisses everyone, he reads books quietly, he passes balls, and makes speedy car sounds with his mouth, and generally does the most adorable things in the most obedient and delightful way.  And his smile, if that's not more breathtaking than a sunrise, I don't know what is.  He has a few little crooked teeth and his face splits open in absolute delight.  Oh.  It is pure joy to watch. 

And the senior statesman, while being a total and complete troublemaker these days and seriously testing boundaries, is still funny and smart and gorgeous.  If you're on the ground on all fours, he'll sneak up & hide behind your back.  He wants to learn everything RIGHT NOW so he gets so frustrated when he can't figure out a puzzle or stacking cups and he works feverishly until his impatience dictates throwing them across the room.  He and his sister or brother will play chase and hide and seek from each other and get the biggest laugh out of it.  He will rush to the door when Bray or I come home and be absolutely delighted over our return.  While he's not using all the words he once picked up, he's moving around at a brisker clip, and he is still the only one picking up new words - particularly animal sounds. 

They are absolutely the most delightful creatures on the face of this planet.  And I am the luckiest woman in the world.  I am madly passionately in love with my husband, a fact I was reminded of again last night - I think he must be the sexiest man in the whole wide world.  And the fact that I get to kiss him every day is so exciting to me.  And then we have these kids that absolutely astonish us, frustrate us, crack us up, and generally give us the greatest joy we have ever known.  What a gift.  Thank you sweet Heavenly Father.  There are no words to express how overwhelmed I am about these four other creatures sharing my home.

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