Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Years, and Still Cooking!

So I just returned from a fabulous weekend away in New Orleans with my husband to celebrate our FIVE YEAR wedding anniversary.  It was our first weekend away since the triplets were born - 19 months!  And of all the years, I feel like this was the best one to celebrate.  It was tough.  We had some seriously hard times - dealing with two jobs, three infants, different ideas on what our new family would take - and yet we came out on the other side stronger.  I really do believe we are in a better place today and love each other more than we did when we said our vows. 

So fun highlights from the trip, and the (partial) reason for the title - an F and 3 Ms:

1.  The Food!  Oh my heavens.  We ate like kings.  I said I went into the weekend weighing less than I did on my wedding day and came out of it weighing more.  Friday we ate at Bayona and MiLa's - delicious!  Saturday we worked in Cafe Dumond for breakfast, Domilise's for lunch (hole in the wall w/scrumptious po boys), and K Paul's for dinner (there's a reason Paul nationalized Louisiana cuisine).  Then we polished off the weekend with a yummy jazz brunch at Arnaud's.  Wow!  Seriously - I ingested a million calories. 
2.  The Music.  We started off the weekend at Jazz Fest and managed to catch Kermit Ruffins, Eric Lindell, Greg Allman, Willie Nelson and Better Than Ezra.  Then everywhere we went there was music.  From the piano bars to the street corners, there was always a fabulous soundtrack accompanying our weekend.
3.  The Moments.  The funniest and neatest things just randomly happened.  We boarded a streetcar with two musicians visiting New Orleans, and it was their first streetcar ride.  They asked the driver if they could play and then they just camped out by the door & played the best folk music all the way into town.  Then we were at this fun bar The Carousel (where the bar actually turns) and ended up being turned to this guy visiting from Florida.  He was there with his son and his son's friends for a bachelor party and told Bray, "hey, she's got great legs!"  To which I bizarrely responded, "I have three kids!"  So he returns, "you should have another!"  I think Bray & I straightened him out.  We were boarding the plane to go home & a woman traveling from Amsterdam asked us if we were on our honeymoon - five years later & we were mistaken for honeymooners!  Funny things all weekend. 
4.  The Man.  The best thing about the weekend was Bray.  I had so much fun just hanging out with him for the weekend.  He used to spend a lot of time in New Orleans and it was fun for us to be there for the first time together.  He was the sexiest man there and a lot of other things that I can't mention on my blog :) 

So needless to say, I can't wait for 10 years to come when we top ourselves again!

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