Monday, May 16, 2011

The Bed Bandit

I tell you, he's at it again.  Every time you think he's done with his sneaky tricks, he discovers a new sneaky trick!  I recently wrote about the eldest's escape tactics, and now he's adding a dose of nursery mayhem.

We turned the back of the cribs to the front so they would be too high for him to climb over since he'd mastered the climbing out of the crib technique.  Then we pushed all the cribs together and then pushed his up against the wall ensuring his confinement.  Problem solved, right?  Surely he won't escape now?  But we've only presented him with an interesting challenge.  So we've created the Bed Bandit.  The Moonlighting Man.  The Slippery Sleepthief. 

He crawls over the side of his crib into the little lady's bed.  After sufficient disruption, he'll keep going onto the little man's crib.  And then back the way he came.  He started off harmlessly.  A foray into her crib next to his where he cuddled up & nabbed a pacifier.  But now it's a sport.  How many cribs can he leap in a single bound?  What's his fastest time from one end of the row of cribs and back?  Last night, when I left him in the little lady's crib and moved her into his crib, moments later I found him wrestling his sleeping younger brother.  Poor little baby, he was exhausted & suddenly the Bed Bandit lands on his back.  I called Bray one night last week when I'd be home late and he said, "Well, he's already made the rounds.  I went in and he'd gone from his crib, through hers, to the baby's, and when I came back 10 minutes later, he was back in his crib."  We both cracked up, but then when I checked on him after arriving home, he was BACK in the baby's crib, and they were sleeping head-to-toe. 

What mayhem is next?  I shudder to think.

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