Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can I Just Cry On Your Shoulder Today?

About the most trivial thing in the whole world.  And I know I just wrote about sometimes okay being good enough.  But I have put blood, sweat and tears into making the kids 2nd birthday picture perfect.  It's the first party we invited friends to and I had the precious custom invites ordered for their "barnyard bash" theme because they love the farm and animals.  Then I had a big sign and custom cupcake picks ordered to match the invitations exactly.  I have farm animal balloons.  I have farm plates and cups.  I have these adorable personalized napkins with their name and ages.  Plus I designed these farm animal birthday party shirts where the farm animal is wearing a party hat with the number 2 and each child's name is underneath the farm animal face.  I love planning parties but never more so than for my kids. 

It's sort of unraveling.  First, the outfits got finished late so instead of me getting them shipped my mom had to pick them up last night.  But she's working super late today and tomorrow so I'll either get them 30 minutes before the party or have to run up to Cypress tonight late to pick them up.  But the huge disappointment is that the cupcakes were the centerpiece of the gift table.  And they have these gorgeous cupcake picks (that I spent some money on) for each cupcake, each one featuring a farm animal and a child's name.  It's identical to our invites and to the big custom sign.  Well, the sign and the cupcake picks are lost.  Lost somewhere in the mail system, they should have already been to me by the first of the week (I ordered a month ago) and the designer is frantically trying to track them down but I'm not optimistic.  She said she'd remake them all but there's no way they will get to me, the sign or the cupcake picks, by Saturday morning.  So I'm so sad this morning.  I realize it is ridiculous, and if I told my husband how totally upset I was about this turn of events he'd think I needed medication, but I really worked hard to make sure it would be perfect and now it isn't.  And there's nothing I can do about it.  And it makes me sad. 

Here's the pictures of the lost cupcake picks:

And here's a pic of the invite and the cute little sleeves they came in (with horses and cows and pigs and chicks):

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