Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hard Words, Easy Words

This was my birthday weekend.  Fortunately, I had the opportunity to see several friends over the course of the week as part of the celebration.  On one encounter, I heard some hard words.  They were absolutely words I needed to hear to get some fresh perspective on an issue I've really been struggling with this past month, but boy was it tough.  And those hard words settled in my bones for a while and I wrestled with what to take away from it and what behaviours I should adapt as a result of getting this perspective.  Fast on the heels of that incident, came another one.  One with a person who knows me better than anyone in my life that is not family.  She had truly precious soft generous things to say about the same issue that I've been struggling with.  Easy words.  Easy to hear and easy to settle over my soul.  I came away from my encounter with her with a peace and quieter spirit. 

This little episode, in the matter of 24 hours, reminded me how good God is.  I'm not at a place to share my struggles but sufficed to say it has weighed on me tremendously this past month.  And throughout it I likely did not shoulder as much responsibility for the situation as I should have.  So God sent someone to give me some fresh perspective.  Someone to help me realize I needed to manage things differently and own up to some things I'd dodged recently.  But........simultaneously, God knew I'd need someone to be completely (and unrealistically) my unabashed cheerleader.  Someone who would take my side regardless of the situation and love me regardless of some new faults I had just discovered.  The yin and the yang.  The hard and the easy.  God's balance and faithfulness on display. 

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