Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gindi Got Her Groove Back

This weekend was terrible.  Quite frankly, post-kids, three day weekends tend to be challenging, but this was among the worst.  You may have slept in or vacationed or entertained but that doesn't happen around casa-de-Vincent.  Three day weekends while enjoyably providing me with more time with my kids, unfortunately, often coincide with Bray having to travel out of town and inevitably someone (or someones) being sick and submarining whatever fun activities I may have planned.  Well this was such the case, on steroids. 

It got off to a bang on Thursday night with multiple (avert your eyes if you're queasy) episodes of being vomited on by the eldest who apparently caught a bug at school.  (Additionally that evening, the youngest had pooped on me and the aforementioned sickie headbutted me busting my upper lip.)  Friday I woke up feeling pretty crummy too - I didn't throw up but was pretty sure all day long that I would.  Friday evening the baby threw up on me at dinner.  Especially tough when you're solo and sick.  So I emailed my dear girlfriend who I had made lots of fun plans with for the weekend (she is a fellow working mom with young kids and a traveling husband who makes her one of my favorite play date buddies) and sadly cancelled.  I was so bummed at a looming housebound weekend.  Saturday found the eldest throwing up again and me on the phone with my friend so we could at least have a teleconference play date :)  Saturday and Sunday were long on sick boys and a forlorn mommy, although the little lady was an absolutely obedient delight of a child which was fun to watch.  Sunday evening took another terrible turn when we thought I was having an appendicitis  - Bray got home just in the nick of time for me to check myself into the emergency room.  After blood work, CAT-scans, IVs, etc., the diagnosis is "we're not sure."  It could be early onset appendicitis, but unlikely.  Maybe a small tumor (lovely).  Maybe a kidney stone.  The discharge instructions - drink a lot of cranberry juice and go see your doctor (I don't have one mind you, who has the time).  Monday brought more vomiting and a frighteningly high fever spike of 106 in the eldest which had us 10 minutes away from another ER visit (luckily with medicine, ice chips, and baths, it dropped quickly). 

SO WHY ON EARTH IS THIS POST TITLED AS IT IS?  Why did you sit through all of my venting?  Well, for this.........today is good.  God is good.  A new day came.  So here's my top 5 list of reasons why I feel victorious today after feeling pummeled this past weekend - from substantive worthy reasons to totally insane superficial reasons:

5.  The dainty dame.  She cracks me up.  She was healthy all weekend so she went to school this morning.  Luckily Bray had today off and took her so I could take Sam to the doctor.  She got her school clothes on and her hair fixed and she put her little back pack on and picked up her lunchbox and posed for pictures - she was so proud of herself and quite excited to be going on her own.  She's Miss Independent.  Bray said she couldn't get her backpack off fast enough at the classroom to go sit down at the play table.  You rock little sister!
4.  The stoic statesman.  He felt terrible.  He'd had virtually no sleep with all his fever treatments last night.  But off he went to the doctor, a little weak and clingy, but with a stiff upper lip.  After the doctor came in and treated him, of which he wasn't a huge fan, he was sitting on my lap facing me while she talked to me.  Then he leaned up and kissed me.  A sweet big smacker.  And smiled.  And did it again.  And once more for good measure.  I am so in love with that precious little one.  (The verdict too was reassuring, the fever was delayed from his MMR vaccine and the throwing up was likely because he wasn't going to the restroom and it had to come out so we got on some meds for that.) 
3.  The weather.  I'm sorry, but if you live in Houston, you were crazy if you were not JUMPING around doing the dance of joy because of the weather this morning after a month of triple digits.  It was gorgeous.  I drove into work with my car windows down loving every minute of it. 
2.  A killer pair of new black Banana Republic pants I'm wearing for the first time.  These suckers are doing things for my figure that I do not deserve after a couple months of backsliding on diet and exercise.  I'm writing someone about these miraculous pants.  I'm not kidding, they're called the Action Jackson. 
1.   A flashback.  I drove into work, mid-morning after doctor's appointment, to little traffic with the windows down and a old favorite rock CD blaring that my brother had given me for a birthday.  My hair, ever growing longer, was blowing as I rocked out, even (gasp) speeding a little.  I drove into downtown feeling a little rebellious with my loud tunes blasting through the streets, killer pants, and Starbucks which wasn't in the budget (I splurged this morning feeling I'd earned one).  I have to tell you, I felt 10 years younger for about 20 minutes.  Incredibly rejuvenating.  I highly recommend. 

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