Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Little Levity

Do you just need to laugh today? 

I feel like I've been so serious.  Like a little black cloud. 

I want to laugh.  Sometimes that's all it takes to brighten the day.

So here's a random assortment of items standing at the ready to tickle your funny bone:

1.  Funny story - Last night a friend of mine posted to our triplets moms group about the horrors of having three three year olds.  Desperate for advice, she outlined the fact that no one listened or obeyed and everyone practiced defiance.  I saw the post and added my two cents, also desperate for sage advice.  With that there was a full on pile on with four more moms of 2 or 3 year old triplets commiserating.  Then the moms with younger triplets started getting panicky.  Like, hey, we've already done the hard stuff right!?!?  The funny part is that we didn't even share the stories in our posts.  And some of them are terrible and disobedient but some of them are hysterical: like little bit peeing in the corner when she's put in time out just to "show me," or the baby climbing out his room at night for the fifth time while we tried to stay stern because he was just so funny cracking himself up at his escapades, or the eldest telling me to boot the baby out of MY bed this morning because he was crowding HIM (ahem, that's MY line), or little bit saying a bad word (don't judge, it happens) and the eldest running into the living room with a bar of soap saying mommy, here's the soap!

2.  Funny postcard -

Seriously, how true is this!?!?!?
3.  Funny post - I read Jon Acuff all the time because that is a man that can make you laugh.  I read this post the other week and nearly peed in my pants (you know us post-pregnancy mommas can have one sidesplitting laugh and be in need of some Depends) so I share it with you (link in the text below):
(Peter Rocks and Jesus Rolls - I mean c'mon people, this is gold!)

I leave you with this great song - it's really upbeat but the words knocked it out of the park for me this morning on my way to work.  One line reminds us, "Who you are ain't what you're going through!"  The song reminds us that He says, "I won't give you more more than you can take, and I might let you bend but I won't let you break."  Enjoy:

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