Monday, October 1, 2012

Wet Weekend

If you were in Houston this weekend, then you likely had your weekend plans rained out.  I don't know what it looked like at your house, but at mine it rained most of the time from 5 pm Friday to 5 pm Sunday.  If you're a latecomer here, you might not grasp the magnitude of that weather report.  If you are an old-timer, then you probably can envision three soon-to-be three year olds (that's right, TOMORROW!) had a serious case of cabin fever. 

Nonetheless, we managed.  Since Bray was still in Canada, the highlight of the weekend was a house full of women Saturday night - I ordered pizza for dinner and my sister-in-law with her two girls came over as did my mom and my best friend.  It's the first time the boys have been outnumbered in a while!  Everyone was going a little stir crazy, but hanging out together helped break the monotony. 

At some point over the course of the weekend, each child crawled into bed with me to hunker down for the night.  At some point in each day, each child smothered me with kisses and hugs.  As well as each other.  At some point in each day, each child tried to sneak into the garage to get a glimpse of their birthday presents (spoiler alert - they are bicycles with helmets) and/or rip open the wrapped presents on the table.  (Aren't I a terrible mom just having them out there like eye candy and not letting them open them until tomorrow - think of it as a patience exercise!??!)  At some point in each day, each child fought a brutal battle over going to bed.  At some point each day, we played a rousing game of Simon Says and dance exercise - the former you're likely familiar with, the latter is a late-comer to our house but a necessary evil in bad weather; it involves putting on some loud pop music and conducting what is the equivalent of jazzercise for toddlers (fun for all!). 

I wish I wrote down everything funny they said.  They are so darn funny right now and I have a terrible memory.  But when you're in the midst of it, you usually don't have a pen and paper, or a video camera.  I will share that earlier this week the baby told me he wanted me to buy TEN babies.  Then he instructed me to tell his father.  When I had done as instructed, I came back and informed him that we likely didn't have enough money to buy ten babies.  To which he replied, "Go to the bank!  And get lollipops too." 

The little lady sings all the time.  Her repertoire is growing and I love to hear her, she has a beautiful voice.  She also came home from school on Friday with a much praised art project from her teacher.  She may be an artist like her grandmother. 

The eldest is all laughs and cries.  It's funny, because I think of the baby as the sensitive one, but the eldest hates reprimands.  He wants to be good and hates it if I get mad.  But he is SO slow.  Methodical is the positive spin, but it translates to slow.  He is quick to laugh though and we spent time on my lap having a joke-telling, noise-making, tickle-fest heck of a time.  That sweet boy is just addictive. 

I did love yesterday morning.  The rain was misting down and the breeze blew in with temperatures dropping.  Ever since the eldest picked up the habit of drinking coffee with grandfather at the farm, he wants it every weekend.  When I asked him what he wanted to do, he told me he wanted to drink coffee outside.  The others, in their finest mimic state, heartily concurred.  So I made coffee, theirs heavy on the milk and sugar, and we all sat outside together in the mist drinking our coffee.  I wish I could capture these moments forever.

I can not believe tomorrow they will be three.  Saturday is their Pooh and Friends party and they are counting down the minutes.  Time flies friends, time flies. 

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