Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do You Love Having Triplets?

I was emailing this week with a sweet expectant triplet momma.  We've never met but I'm sure I would adore her if we did.  In the course of our "conversation," she emailed this, "This is weird to ask but I know you'll understand what I mean. Do you love having triplets? Is it doable?"

It really got me to thinking.  I know I've been whining a lot lately about how hard having three two year olds is.  But I would be completely adrift without each one of them.  The first thing I said in response was, "You know, I do. I love it. I know I blog about the mayhem but it's really cool. They are so totally unique and different and funny. They develop at different paces and each have something different they are good at. They are very loving & affectionate & they adore each other even though they fight some. After all of our infertility struggles, I couldn't be more delighted that they have each other and won't be an only child."

It is hard having three two year olds.  But it would be so so so much harder having zero two year olds.  I truly can not imagine the hole in our hearts if we didn't have these precious people.  These little ones who adore us even when we totally screw it up.  These miraculous gifts that talk and walk and laugh and joke and hug and play and fall down and turn somersaults and swim and sing and dance and cry and throw fits and pat your back and read books and spell their name and count to twenty and unlock doors and open gates and help make coffee and help cook the biscuits and play imaginary chefs in their little kitchen and put together puzzles and ride tractors and saddle horses and feed cows and play catch and build imaginary structures and pedal tricycles.  Each one of those singular things is so insanely unbelievable to me. 

They do totally new funny wacky things every day.  And even though two is hard, there's a reason it's called the Terrible Twos, they are learning so much right now and cracking us up every single day.  Here are the highlights from JUST this past week, and hopefully it shows what fun and joy they bring us, even in the midst of the mayhem. 

Last week our swim instructor was fired.  I was incredibly bummed because he was so fabulous with the kids, but I had no say in it.  I was relaying this information to my mom and the eldest seized on it.  He kept saying, "Adam got fired?"  I'm not sure he understood what it meant, but it stuck with him.  When we were driving to my friend Julie's to swim on Sunday, he said, "It's not dangerous?"  I said, "No, it's not dangerous."  (And where on earth did that come from?  How funny that he remembers I tell him things are dangerous!)  And then he immediately followed it with, "Mr. Adam was fired?"  I guess from now on out he'll associate swimming with Adam being fired.  And last night, I was singing them bedtime songs, and the little lady requested "La, La, La."  (This is Deck the Halls, and we sing it year round because they adore a Tenth Avenue North video of the song.)  For whatever reason, this prompted all the children to beg for Santa and request the Santa Song and Jingle Bells.  Do you know how hard it is to think of a Santa song in July?  All I could come up with Santa Clause is Coming to Town but there's not nearly enough mention of Santa in that song.  The baby also spelled and said his first word - we were looking at our BOB books (early readers) and the cover book was DOT.  He said, "d"-"o"-"t" - "DOT!"  Plus yesterday when my nanny was suggesting she take them to the bounce house for tot time, she looked at me and said "I'm thinking about taking them to j-u-m-p-y."  The baby turned around and said, "I want to go to the jumpy!"  If we can't spell words in front of two year olds, we're hosed! 

They gave me big wet kisses this morning when I left and hugged me like I was their long lost friend.  They come running to the door when I come home at night screaming, "MOMMY!"  Life is hectic, but I can honestly say, without a single reservation, I Love Having Triplets. 

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  1. I love having triplets too. It's the ride of our lives, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. I agree, it's hard, but soooo worthwhile!