Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Love Cup Explodeth

Seriously?  I have the most adorable children on the planet.  I know you mommas may be reading this and disagreeing, to which you are fully entitled, but right now I'm going to soak up the preciousness of these little love bugs.  You well know all my posts do not start out so gushy.  Between bed time drama and potty training disasters, we have had our share of meltdown posts which is why I LOVE to write these.  Overrunneth just did not seem to be expressive enough of a word to use in the title - so explodeth is the best I could come up with.

Ever since I got back on Sunday they have been little globs of love.  Kissing and hugging and laughing.  And not just with me, but also with each other.  Plus I swear they learned 100 new words while I was gone.  So they are talking a mile a minute.  They explain everything with a "because" or in the little lady's case, "cause, cause, cause," or in the baby's case, "otherwise..." 

The little lady, who has her seriously mean moments, has just exploded love - giving big kisses and hugs and staring me right in the eye and saying, "I love you TOO mommy," or "I love you SO much," or even extolling how much she likes her brothers, daddy, and other family members. 

The baby can not get off of me.  He attacked me when he got out of the car Sunday with this big bear hug and has hung on ever since.  It is delightful.  He's still got a little of that baby fat so he's just so cuddly, and he has this very distinctive smell that is like a drug to me.  I keep kissing his little cheeks just to inhale more of it. Last night, he climbed into bed with us about 3 am and just wrapped his arms around me and patted my back in little circles.  How on earth do you kick a kid out of bed when that love is happening?

The eldest, in addition to being a love bug, is also being such a helper.  He goes around helping clean and pick things up and carry things in the house and proudly announces, "I a helper!"  The past two mornings he runs down the hall to jump up in my lap and cuddle.  I can not move I am so crazy about this little charming fella.  Yesterday morning, Bray went out in the hall to meet him and came back into our room to announce, "He wouldn't even stop for me.  He just wanted to get to you."  I couldn't even feel bad about it because he is such a precious prince. 

Not only did I miss my kids and they miss me, but I missed my husband and he missed me.  I can't stop kissing on him too!

We have gotten to do such fun things, low key hanging out as a family.  Story time at night.  Family shopping excursion to Costco.  Dinner I actually cooked.  Swimming.  And the little lady excitedly announces, "Whole Family!"  The kids want us to all do everything together which means everything from all five of us playing ring around the rosies to a family unit cannonball into the deep end. 

My favorite part has been the nights which usually kick my butt.  But this week I have taken the time to sing and tell stories, and then I crawl into bed with each of them.  Their beds are on the floor now so I can cuddle up behind each one and whisper little stories or songs for a couple minutes before going to the next one.  It is precious time.  Time that I realize won't exist years from now when they will not want to cuddle with mommy.  But right now, my little love bugs are all about the hugs and kisses and cuddles. 

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  1. wow!! :) praise God!!He is so loving...and the children are so transparent ,His Love flows freely through them to all those around them :D!