Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Destructors

We have opened up the floodgates.  Literally.  Our house has been protected somewhat from the traveling trio until yesterday.  We have a huge game room which is padded with foam tiles and stocked with fabulous toys and then GATED OFF from the rest of the house.  They're getting so big that we made the decision to open up the front rooms to the kids (we have an open concept house - main living areas all open, bedrooms off one hall which can be closed off with doors) so they have more room to run.  Gate was opened and now they have a large swath of territory in which they can run and............destruct. 

This was my email to my mother's club last week to give you an inkling of why there is terror in my voice as I type this entry:
"At what age should I worry that my kids are too destructive? My BGB are 17 mos old and literally are super destructors. They eat their books, pull up the foam tiles, try to knock their toys through the play room windows, rip up magazines. Friday Lillie ripped through that paper stuff that they put on the examining table at doctor's offices. I'm trying to get them to be better behaved b/c I'm so nervous about going to visit people but they're not particularly interested in obedience right now....... Is this a developmentally appropriate phase? When should I worry that they aren't minding? Do multiples tend to be more aggressive b/c they have each other to fight w/over toys? I just don't want to be the woman w/"those" kids - I want to encourage their independence and development but don't want them to eschew authority...."

I was encouraged, from numerous mothers of multiples, that they all went through this phase and that this is, in fact, normal.  However, they now have access to my china cabinet!  I'm thinking their board books are going to be the least of my worries after this week.........

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