Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Tough Sister

We went to the family farm this weekend.  We tried to spend as much of it outside as we could even though the weather was windier and grayer than we had hoped.  All of my kids are adorable but I learned that the lone sister is TOUGH as nails.  Among the accidents to befall her over the weekend: she stuck her hand in an ant bed and got 15 bites on her hand, she fell and hit her head on the patio, bad mommy accidentally got her skin pinched in the high chair seat belt, and she tried to eat the rocks off the driveway.  While her baby brother (yes by 30 seconds but he's totally the baby) cried about lord only knows what, mainly wanting to be held, she almost never cried and she was up and running the second after anything happened.  She's like a teeny little indestructible road runner. 

She's the fastest one of the bunch too.  I can't even always catch her! The thing she loves most is FREEDOM.  At home she's caged up behind a child proof gate in the mecca dream play room, but all she wants is O-U-T!  She cries and tries to break down the gate (literally).  She runs underneath your legs to the outside anytime you open the door to go in or out (and heaven help you when you catch her and put her back inside).  She is fearless.  She is acrobatic.  She is brave.  I have to tell you, I am so excited to have such a dynamic trailblazer for a little girl.  Some may say you can't tell what she'll be from her 17 month old personality, but I'm telling you, she's going to be fierce.  In the best way. 

I love my boys.  They are gorgeous and so incredibly loving, more affectionate than their female counterpart, but she is independent and strong.  And what a neat thing to see in one so young.  My prayer is that I don't pass on some of my fears and worries to her but instead allow her to spread her wings and fly where ever that strong spirit impels her. 

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  1. I love how early you can see their clear cut personalities! She sounds amazing! It will definitely be exciting to see what she does with that fearless nature!