Saturday, October 22, 2011

Girls Weekend

Bray took BOTH the boys to the farm this weekend.  I've actually been looking forward to it for a few weeks - I'd planned loads of girly stuff for little bit and me to do all weekend when there would only be estrogen in the house.  I was looking forward to it right up until it happened.  Then the boys left.  And I have to say, both Lillie and I have been a little sad.  She keeps wandering around saying "bubby" and "daddy," and I keep trying to fill up the quiet.  

We had a great day - busier than any weekend could ever be if I had all three (it's crazy how much a mom of one is able to do outside the house on the weekends).  We went shoe shopping, grocery shopping, wandering through an open air mall, snacked on cupcakes at a sweet treat spot, got her hair cut for the family photo session, had dinner with my best friend - we were BUSY.  But when we finally arrived home, and sat to read and take baths, boy was it quiet.  I love my little girl and I love that I have had on- on-one time with her.  But I'm not going to complain (much) anymore about having three two year olds running around the house.  As my husband would say, one would be so boring. 

We have a big day planned for tomorrow too - a mommy and me music class, brunch, Build-a-Bear with one of her school friends - but I think we'll both be pretty darn happy to see that truck pull up for dinner time and welcome our boys home. 

Little Bit leisurely awaiting her hair appointment while grooving to the tunes

Mommy and Little Bit having dinner with Aunt Mary

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