Monday, October 3, 2011

The Second Birthday Festivities!

Whew!  After all of the planning and running around and chasing my tail, the trio turned two without any assistance from me, and the weekend of festivities - from the party Saturday to the school celebration today - went off with a bang accompanied by absolutely gorgeous weather.  There were a few pre-party near misses on Saturday:  the cupcake picks which I wrote about Thursday arrived Friday afternoon -what a relief, I got the outfits by Friday in time for the party, and the people who had also booked the same park/pavilion space went rushing off to find new party digs since we'd already set up the space when they arrived (I felt terrible for them but was quite relieved that I didn't have to chase down 40 people 1/2 hour before a party to relocate the celebration).  The kids loved playing with all their friends at the playground Saturday, and even dug into their cupcakes with relish, and mommy didn't have to spend all day cleaning the house!  Yesterday, their actual birthday, was a wonderful day with the five of us hanging out together - we went to church, and then adventured out to the Dewberry Farms pumpkin patch in Brookshire, and topped off the night with dinner outside at a family friendly Mexican restaurant.  Everyone was pooped by bedtime.  Finally, this morning, Bray and I took the kids to school and walked with them to chapel in their Giraffe crowns (they are the giraffe class and they get to wear crowns on their birthday) where everyone sang happy birthday to them and then returned to their class to pass out the last of the super yummy birthday cupcakes!  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's the weekend in recap:

The Birthday Party Site (that almost wasn't.....)

The Party Festivities (and yes, Lillie is holding the flame instead of blowing it out)

Birthday Morning

Ready to Go to School and the School Festivities (yes, the boys have runny noses...)

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