Monday, October 24, 2011

Perfect, Nearly

I was in a tizzy Friday night trying to lay out what everyone would wear for our pumpkin patch family photo shoot today.  I decided after last year that every October I'd have the kiddos pictures taken in the MDUMC pumpkin patch to chronicle how big they are getting and I have Bray and I sit in for a couple of shots just so we have a record of surviving each year :) 

Well, coordinating five people's outfits, with two small boys, one small girl, one adult male and one adult female, so that they "go" but don't "match" is QUITE a challenge.  I'd settled on all three of the male outfits and was trying to make something in my closet work with my three options for the little lady (everyone else received, at the very least, new tops to coordinate).  It was quite the ordeal. 

As I was outlining the color palette decisions for him, my wise husband commented, why are you getting so worked up about this?  Do we have to have a NEW "color palette" every year?  It doesn't all have to be just perfect. 

Hhumph.  Well, I beg to differ.  And I told him so.  I replied that no, it wouldn't be perfect, but I should at least try to make it perfect.  Then it would be...nearly perfect. 

I can assure you that this morning was not perfect.  First, there is a mosquito epidemic in Houston and my children are covered in bites, including all over their faces (though our photographer assured me that she could photo shop that out - thank heavens for technology).  Second, the little lady was sick, and grumpy, and ripped her bow out so hard that it literally detached from the clippy-thing so there was no fixing it.  The baby wouldn't smile, and he's our HAM.  The eldest wanted to chase traffic.  Bray needed to get to work.  You get the picture (so to speak).  But you know, our outfits coordinated.  We got some good shots.  It was good to see everyone together after our weekend apart.  And I'm really glad that I made the effort. 

It was, well, triplet perfect. 

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