Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Second Year Love Letter

It was on this day, two years ago, that God delivered the most surprising, remarkable, beautiful, unfathomable three gifts to Bray and me.  I still can't imagine what we did to deserve such a spectacular set of presents on October 2, 2009, but I will forever be grateful.  And on this second year celebration, I thought I would begin the tradition of writing a love letter to those little presents (who I know will not always be little). 

Dear Sweet S,
You are my heart.  You are the most loving and empathetic little human being.  You are always there to wrap your arms around my neck and give me a kiss, but you also throw your arms around everyone.  Just yesterday you ran back to give the lady who cut your hair a big hug before we left.  When your siblings are in distress, you run to them to hug them and comfort them.  You are also so ingenious.  You can figure anything out.  You were the first to crawl out of your bed this year and the first to learn how to open the doors and lock me out of the house.  You are the one learning dozens of words at a time now.  You are persistent and stick with things until you understand them.  You also emphasize cleanliness and are always cleaning up around the house, thank you very much.  You are a delight and our home will always be filled with love with you in it.  You are a gift.  And I hope that one day I can live up to be the mother that you deserve.  I love you,

Dear L,
You are my joy.  Your lightheartedness lights up the room.  You laugh and dance and sing and jump and spin.  You absolutely love living and you throw your whole heart and body into it.  Your lust for life is contagious.  You are also very independent.  You are so great at doing things yourself.  You were the first one to climb up into the highchair alone, the first one to put on your pants alone, the first one to run into school without needing us, and the first one to string two words together.  Even though you don't know as many words as your brother, what you tell us, you tell with great drama and emphasis and it's fascinating to listen to even if we're not sure what the story is all about.  You are such a treasure to have in this family.  We'll always be on an exciting adventure with you as a part of our home and I can't wait to watch it unfold.  You are a precious present.  I hope that I can be a Godly role model for you as you grow.  I love you,

Dear W,
You are my love.  You have the most sensitive soul.  Your tenderness is absolutely breathtaking.  When I was sick, you crawled up on the couch and covered me with your blanket.  When I was worried, you put your arms around me and patted my back.  You are the one that cries the most because you have such deep feeling, but you also are the one that laughs the most.  You find life so funny and your laugh sets us all to laughing with you.  You love to learn.  You were the first one to know all your shapes and your colors and your animals.  You could sit in my lap and read books for hours and want to drink up every new piece of information and commit it to memory.  We will always be seekers in our home, on a journey to learn and understand more, because of you.  You are a matchless prize.  I hope that I will be the faithful and tender touchstone in your life that understands and appreciates your deep soul.  I love you,

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