Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stockings and Other Nonsense

This is the crock pot of leftovers post.  The ramblings in my head that have been simmering around, none of which have to do with anything else but needed a place to go, so this Thursday's post seemed like as good a place as any.

1.  Stockings are hot.  Not the kind that you hang at Christmas, but the hosiery that you put on your legs, or that women from the '40s put on their legs.  Apparently, because of Princess Kate nee Middleton, they're making a comeback.  Well the only reason they made a comeback on my legs yesterday was because if I had not worn them with my skirt everyone would have thought I had been battered by a "little person."  From knees to toes, I am covered in cuts and bruises.  A combination of the massive clean up I did last Friday involving heavy moving  and the three knee-high super-active two year olds means that my legs look like they've been run over by the trash truck.  Hence the stockings.  Now in New York in October stockings would probably not have been hot.  But in HOUSTON in October stockings are freakishly hot when power walking across downtown in heels in 90 degree weather.  Whaddaya gonna do?

2.  There was a slug in my tub.  Yes, a slug.  In my tub.  First I put Lillie in for a bath Tuesday night and then  put the boys in.  I looked down and touched what I was worried was a little turd.  Turns out, to my horror (which I loudly exclaimed much to the boys enjoyment), it was a SLUG.  How the heck did I get a slug in my tub?  We are not living in squalor.  And can the children catch a communicable disease from a slug?  These are the questions I left on the pediatrician's nurse's hotline.

3.  It's not always a positive that your husband reads your blog.  He quotes you back to you.  So if I post about how I have so much and live in a state of plenty, he gives me crap if I complain.  If I'm stressed out, he quotes how okay is sometimes good enough.  Thanks honey for reading my blog, I truly appreciate the support, but discretion is the better part of valor. 

4.  Kids are funny little super-charged unpredictable tornadoes.  Last night, we went out to eat for our "support a school" night and the place ran out of high chairs.  No biggie for a family with a single two year old.  But with three, those strapping-in devices come in VERY handy.  The little lady sat just like a little lady and ate her meal by herself and drank her milk by herself and was, all in all, quite adult.  Very unexpected delightful surprise.  The boys were the Tasmanian Devils.  Climbing everywhere, wanting to run everywhere, trying to get ON the table, throwing crayons on the floor, you get the general idea.  Very unexpected less-delightful surprise.  Bray looked at me and said, "we need highchairs."  Yep, I agree. 

5.  There will never be an adequate Weight Watchers substitute for a good cupcake.  I've had a few too many encounters with cupcakes over the past month, which my pants very clearly reflect, but I'm sorry, no one has yet created a low calorie version of this most delicious food.  So sometimes, just eat a cupcake. 

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