Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cali: Day 2, Rabbit Trails

I am going to make my random observations on Los Angeles in today's post, but first I have to run down a rabbit trail.  Lest you think I overstated yesterday's observation that my bright green coat was out of place, I got THREE more confirmations last night that it's not easy being green.  As I was walking to the hotel from the office, a homeless man, who arguably sees more of L.A. pass by than your average Los Angelinian, remarked on the greenness of my coat as I passed him (he liked it!).  One block further, I was walked down the street by a solicitor (for a good cause) because I looked so friendly in my green coat (and she liked it!).  Then, if that wasn't enough, I was greeted in the lobby of the L.A. Live Marriott by green pillars everywhere.  What was this?  Had they heard I'd brought kelly green back into fashion in L.A.?  Oh no, the Herbal Life conference was in town and there was green everywhere.  On t-shirts, on pillars, on programs and bags.  The desk clerk remarked, as he checked me in, that I could probably get free herbs or supplements or whatever they sell because they would think I was one of their own with my bright green coat.  I would like to point out that my coat was clearly SO bright, that even with all of Herbal Life's brightest representatives in town, the solicitor and homeless man still felt that I stood out in green.  I can't make this stuff up.  I am telling you, I got more attention than the woman on my flight that had a see-through white top and navy bra and micro mini navy shorts and tights on - I assure you, SHE would have gotten more attention if we were in Houston. 

So, now that I've finished with my rabbit trail, I really have enjoyed the people I've had the chance to talk with here.  Folks aren't much different than we Texans regardless of the stereotypes (of both).  And here's my random observations from the day: gas is in the $4.50s here - yikes, no wonder they all drive smaller cars; pizza from California Pizza Kitchen really is better in California (I don't normally eat at chains when traveling but it was a necessity today at lunch); and Pasadena has cross walks that go diagonally across intersections, how scary is that?

Until tomorrow, signing off from the West Coast.

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