Friday, March 16, 2012

A Momma and Her Boys

I love all three of my kiddos.  There is something so uniquely special about each one of them and I connect to each one on a different level because of how they are designed.  With that said, I connect with the boys differently than I do with little bit.  She is fiercely independent.  She doesn't really need me by and large (according to her).  I am useful to her, but there's no clinging and cuddling and shadowing to the degree there is with the boys. 

The boys, right now, adore me.  They cry when I leave for work.  They constantly want to cuddle.  They beg to sleep in our bed.  They are VERY affectionate and always doling out hugs and kisses.  I sometimes forget about this stark contrast, but I was reminded last night when I had just the boys and Bray was at the farm with the little lady.  (He tries to at least get to the farm with them one-on-one every year - it was her turn.)

I remember I couldn't wait to have a little girl and dress her up in bows and dresses and play baby dolls and take tea and see the Nutcracker together at Christmas.  But let me tell you, these boys can wrap me around their finger and there's not the conflict that, even at two, can crop up with a momma and her daughter.  We had such a sweet time last night.  We went to dinner and came home to read and play.  They just wanted me to stay in their room to sleep, and when I tucked them in they wanted to follow me to my bed to sleep.  They are the most precious little darlings even though sometimes I want to lock them in a room with all their crazy antics.  The baby remembers my favorite flower and my favorite fish and always points it out in our books.  The eldest is constantly giving me pretend coffee refills from our play kitchen because he knows mommy loves coffee (and he helps me make it for real on mornings we have time).  They ask for hugs and squeeze me like I am the best award in the world.  They say "luv you," and "dive safey mommy" (that's drive safely mommy for those of you who don't speak toddler), and they pray for me at every meal time prayer (now, to give credit where credit is due, so does my sweet little girl). 

I love the individuality of my relationship with each of the kiddos even though they are a triplet set.  But last night I was reminded of how good God was to give me some boys to love on me - first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 

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