Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cali: Day 4, Renewed Purpose

It's funny.  What started out as a comedic view of California versus Texas, much like my London travel journal, turned into something entirely different.  Yesterday, I wrote some thoughts about the striking homeless situation here in San Francisco and beyond.  Today, instead of reverting back to my light-hearted observations, I feel compelled to share what a success this trip has been.

The first year after I returned to work from maternity leave, work was all about head-down survival.  The second year (last year), it was more about the grass is greener elsewhere coupled with a sense of being somewhat lost in what I was doing and why.  Only God knows what I will end up doing five or ten years down the line, but He has definitely shown me over the course of this trip why I am where I am and reminded me how much I can love this job.  I've been engaged with such different people, with different backgrounds and work, but they are all so interesting and have some wonderful ideas about opportunities up ahead.  I have had lunches and coffees and drinks and office meetings from L.A. to San Francisco and have gotten to see some of my favorite people that I used to see more often in the pre-kid version of me. 

I've been reading this great book simultaneously that has reminded me what a gift I have been given to be able to pursue my dream, writing, while helping fund our family's activities through a wonderful flexible interesting job.  A job that puts me in positions to write and speak which is exactly what I love most.  I could be in a job where there is no overlap between my dream and my desk, yet here I am in a job that capitalizes on my strongest skill set. 

I leave California re-energized.  Ready to tackle new projects and challenges with renewed energy and interest.  I leave thankful that I have the opportunity to reinvest in work that is fulfilling.  And I hope that being reconnected and reinvigorated will pervade every area of my life.  Apathy in one segment of your life can quickly invade every area.  So can energy and enthusiasm.  Hopefully this time away and fresh perspective will add a sense of dedication and excitement to my work as a mom and a wife too.  What an unexpected gift this week in California has been. 

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