Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Funny Bits

Here's my funny bit random observances of 29 month old triplets for your reading pleasure:

1.  I tell the kids they are so funny.  Because they really are.  So little lady runs around the house saying, "mommy funny," "daddy funny," "Mimi funny," you get the idea.
2.  The baby loves animals - well they all love animals but the baby knows ALL their names.  You can engage him in conversation about mundane animals like cows and horses of course, but between books and the zoo outings, we're often talking about meerkats, rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, yaks, crows, turtles, crawfish, leopards, okapis, toads, bears, or kookaburra birds (and yes, he says each of their names clearly enough to know exactly what animal he's discussing). 
3.  They remember people vividly now.  When my friend Amy came for a visit, the eldest kept running circles around her (literally) saying, "Haaaallloooo Amy" - he still runs around the house saying, "Haaaallloooo Amy."  The baby remembers a visit of a couple months ago with Bray's good family friends, Peggy and Joey.  Joey instructed the kids to call him Unc because all little kids do, so the baby talks about Unc and Peggy and even includes them in dinner prayers periodically.  And the little lady was so taken by my dear friend Kellie's visit this weekend, who came from Fort Worth with her nine year old son Grant, that she wakes up and goes to sleep saying, "Kellie Grant."  (Well, it's more like kely, ant, but you can figure it out.)
4.  They've gotten to be good pray-ers at meal times.  If I start serving food at dinner before opening with a prayer, they put their hands together in prayer pose and say "PRAY!"  I go down the line and ask each one what they would like to pray from - the little lady is always the most generous, praying for "mommy work, daddy work, Mimi work," her brothers, and so on.  The boys tend to be more focused on animals, including the cows and bulls at the farm (and even the tractors) but they do throw in grandparents and school friends from time to time.
5.  They adore brushing their teeth.  When we went to fluoride toothpaste at the beginning of the year we had to try out a few kinds to find one they'd like.  There's a blue one with Buzz Lightyear we found for the boys (they don't know who is he is mind you) and a red Strawberry Shortcake for little bit -but now they all want BOTH toothpastes on their toothbrushes which they proceed to suck the daylights out of before even getting around to brushing it on all their teeth. 

It's always something fun and they are so adventuresome.  Even with the exhaustion of all the big kid bed business going on, I never fail to see how beautiful and interesting and unique they each are.  They still love to be held and kissed and hugged and I know that doesn't last forever. 

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