Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I couldn't let today go by without recognizing my husband who happens to be one terrific daddy!  This is his third Father's Day, each one of which we've spent at the family's farm in SW Louisiana, but this is the first one where the kids really GO!  They are talking and laughing and interacting and working out on the farm with Bray.  It's tough having two year old triplets.  But as I recently tweeted, I'm pretty thrilled to have Bray as my partner in this whole "raising three kids who happen to be two" project.

They're nuts about him and he's teaching them an entirely different set of things than I teach them.  I'm the reading mom and the protective mom and the dancing mom and the zoo mom.  Bray's the outdoors dad and the tool dad and the tractor/cow/four wheeler dad.  I tell the kids that they are the luckiest kids in the whole wide world to have been given the best dad anywhere.  One of the cards I got Bray this year talked about how I thought I was as in love with him as I could possibly be when we got married, but after seeing him raising our kids, I love him in a way I could never have imagined on that day six years ago.

Happy Father's Day Babe - you are the best daddy around!

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