Monday, June 18, 2012

Video Snapshot

So the farm weekend for Father's Day was great.  The kids had a blast and Bray loves spending any time he can out there.  We had family, food and fun.  Everyone overslept this morning because we got in a little later than usual.  Rather than post a full long blog post today, since I'm dragging a bit, I downloaded some of the funniest kid videos of this year to show a few moments in our life.  One of the funniest things, and the video clearly does not capture the mass hysteria that this song created, was during our trip home yesterday.  As we were leaving the gas station, I told the kids to tell daddy to "hit the road Jack!"  I then explained it was a song and just sang the chorus of, "Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more no more no more no more, hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more" and added that little tag shout from the song that says, "What you say!"  They thought that was the funniest thing they'd heard in months and insisted I keep singing it over and over from Baytown to Memorial.  Bray probably went nuts.  So here's a tidbit from the road trip, along with a couple other of my favorites:

This had to be posted.  The baby has the most infectious laugh you have ever heard.  It comes out with jokes,with tickles, or just from random thoughts you never even saw coming.....

After that video merriment, enjoy the eldest proclaiming his love, not sure what prompted this, but I'm glad it did:

And finally this one, precious, was from a few months ago, as the boys were praying (what you may not be able to hear or understand is that they're running through the litany of things they want to keep safe: "the bulls," "the farm," "mommy," etc.)

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