Thursday, June 14, 2012

Funny Things The Kids Are Saying

For my memory book, and your amusement, here's some of the stuff our very verbal two year olds are now saying.

The Eldest:

This week we were all in the pool and Bray mentioned he'd like a pool float for Father's Day.  I told him that I'd already gotten him something but that I would definitely get that as well.  As I was telling him I'd bought him something, the eldest turns and says, "yeah, screwdrivers."  Bray looked at me, and I looked at him, and I bust out laughing.  He said, "is he right?"  I said, "yes, he sure is.  Last time I take the kids shopping for your present with me."  Bray then turned to the little man and said, "See, that means you are understanding everything we are saying.  So the next time I tell you to do something, I know you understand me!"

He makes many of his statements as a question mark, so his voice goes up at the end.  Also, if he's seeking confirmation of something, he asks, "Dat?"  ("That" for you not conversant in toddlerese.)  It's hysterical.

The Little Lady:

She says "No."  A lot.  When I ask her if it's her favorite word, she says "no."  She also says, "I funny."  She's one of the most confident little kids I've ever met.

She loves to say what she likes and doesn't like.  "I like mommy."  "I like farm."  "I like lollipops."  But unfortunately she's also taken to saying what, or more importantly, WHO she doesn't like even if she doesn't really mean she doesn't like them.  She does it to get a rise out of me.  "I no like daddy." "I no like Marie."  "I no like Mimi."  I tell her it's rude but she keeps at it, laughing.  (In addition to being confident, she's also obstinate.)

I don't know where she picked this up, but she says "Go Mommy.  Go Mommy.  Go Mommy."  In that athletic team cheer way.  And then she starts running through the whole family, "Go sister, go sister.  Go brother, go brother.  Go Unca Jon, Go Unca Jon.  Go Findley, go Findley."  You get the idea - she works through all of her 9 cousins, all of her seven aunts and uncles, and each grandparent and immediate family member.  Cracks. Me. Up.

The Baby:

He uses "because" all the time - I've sort of turned the tables on the little fella and I will ask him what happened or why something is like it is, and he launches into a full scale explanation (multiple sentences) and begins with saying "Because" or "Cause" with the most adorable little hand gestures you've ever seen.  He's also incredibly verbal and speaks paragraphs with adjectives and action verbs and explanations, all completely logical.  It's like talking to an adult sometimes.

We have a bubble machine.  They all love it.  But the baby said, while they were swinging and the bubbles were going, "I in the bubbles!"  That he was.

This morning, Bray was kissing us all goodbye and I said, "goodbye honey."  The other two shouted in unison next, "goodbye honey!"  But the baby turns to me and says, "I want honey!"  (One of his favorite foods these days is honey biscuits.)

The Group:  

They all are big on fixing things.  They get tools off Bray's workbench in the garage (hence the screwdrivers, they also LOSE things off Bray's workbench) and they go around saying, "I fix it."  Then they work diligently trying to fix the board or the tricycle or the driveway.  We're trying to keep them away from my car.  The baby thinks you can fix anything with a screwdriver and a battery.  He takes them everywhere.  And if you try to help or do it yourself, he says, "NO.  I fix it!"

They also all can sing the ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle, and Deck the Halls (don't ask, they're obsessed with a video by Tenth Avenue North which they call the La La La song but it's a modern Deck the Halls).  It is so precious to hear their little voices now knowing all the words.  Little lady knows the most songs, but they can all pretty much sing these three together.  I'm working on getting a video of it.

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  1. Two year olds are so adorable. Thanks for letting us read your memories, they are certainly precious. "I like honey." = my favourite. Hysterical.