Friday, June 29, 2012

The Triplet Nursery

I forgot that sweet Kelly, my sorority sister over at Kelly's Korner, was doing a link up today to kids nurseries/rooms.  While our triplets room certainly has evolved over the past two and half years, they do all three still live in the same room together and the bones are the same (same mural, cribs are now toddler beds, etc.).  But it never did look as pretty as it did that first year when they were not mobile.  Because I had always wanted kids, I'd been collecting vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy for several years, hoping that one day the infertility struggles would ultimately result in children.  Little did I know!  Luckily, since we didn't know genders for a while because the three were smushed, the Raggedy Ann & Andy was gender neutral and primary colors.  My darling friend Allie painted the mural and the babies names for over their beds.  Sweet Bray painted the room the pale yellow, after many hormonal color changes by me, and custom built the book case to my exact specifications!  I collected all the RA&A stuff and even found a little lady on eBay to custom make the bedding so we could incorporate the vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy fabrics I had collected.  Here are the highlights of what was my favorite room in the house:


  1. Love the theme! Dropping by from KK. I have twin girls :)

  2. Oh my goodness. So cute! I have boy/girl twins!

  3. That is a really cute theme!