Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vacation - Third Day Triumph and Trauma

It was nice to wake up this morning and not have to be anywhere.  The last two mornings were such a whirlwind that this morning was a gift.  Plus, OKC has experienced some cool mornings which meant several cups of coffee on the front porch rockers while the kids played in the front yard all morning.  Deep sigh. 

To cap it off, no one had fevers this morning.  Woohoo.  Home free (nearly).  After a long morning of neighbors visiting dad's house and the kids riding up and down the street on the John Deere mower, we had a quiet lunch and a long nap.  Did you catch that?  Another day of naps.  I actually am napping-impaired.  For some reason I can not sleep during daylight hours.  Or in public.  Which includes planes, trains, and automobiles.  But today I slept.  And I can feel the difference tonight. 

Lest the entire day be uneventful, that pretty much never happens in my life right now, we trotted off for the big Eckel family photo shoot at 5 pm at the lovely Will Rogers Park.  The boys were not interested in posing.  Then little bit was in tears nearly the entire time.  At first I thought it was her pull up (she kept complaining that her pants hurt).  I quickly uncovered that SHE had come down with this mysterious fever.  Again accompanied with not a single symptom except mid-grave fever, clinginess, and crying.  Since we were going to have dinner with my cousin and his family and my aunt and uncle right after the photo shoot I figured we could just push through it.  Not only did little bit not eat, and glom on to me for the entire meal, but the baby had one massive blow out.  I had not packed appropriately and everything I really needed was back at my dad's house.  So all the kids have their shoes off, little bit is crying and running a fever, and I spend 10 min in the bathroom with the baby trying to clean him off.  Since the shoes and shorts were not salvageable (I wasn't kidding when I said blow out), out he came in a new pull up, a modicum of cleanliness and a shirt.  I felt like the hillbillies had come to town.  If you recall from yesterday, the eldest was pantless at our Friday lunch establishment because his shorts were soaked from the long trip. 

That's right.  In a matter of 48 hours, a girl who owns the largest Emily Post book known to man, has personalized kids stationary, dies of embarrassment for inappropriate behaviour, had repeated bottomless and shoeless kids.  It's not like this is my first rodeo.  The kids are two and a half.  Where the heck was my emergency bag?  I had no meds, no wipes, no back up clothes.  What am I, a first time babysitter?  Ugh.  My uncle says I'll look back on this and laugh.  I'm suspect. 

I will tell you, each day I see that big Eckel family photo, in whatever state it turns out, I will vividly remember the day it was taken.  And despite the triumph and traumas of the day, I wouldn't trade them for the world.  (I might trade them for an hour for a massage, but that's neither here nor there.)  Tomorrow is our final day in the Sooner Sun, and then we hit the road at lunch.  Here's praying that everyone is well and cooperative (I can hear you laughing........).

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