Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bizzarro Ticks

Toddlers have funny ticks.  They change regularly.  My three toddlers have developed a whole set of new ones over the long Christmas weekend.  As you likely read, we were all very sick and so there was a lot of frustration (and depression on my part because three sick kids is SO overwhelming).  But........there was hilarity too.  How can there not be when you combine three 26 month olds, new toys, the concept of Santa, and p.j.s all day!?!?!

First up, the eldest.  He enjoys making coffee with me in the mornings.  Weekdays it's usually the Keurig machine because it's quick for work, but weekends we make fresh coffee in the"big" pot with fresh ground coffee beans.  He loves it!  So I selected a play kitchen that had a coffee pot in it because I knew that he'd love it.  Well little did I know that it would be the biggest fighting issue in the house.  The kids LOVE the coffee pot.  But none more than my sweet boy.  He ran back and forth from his play kitchen to refill his coffee pot and careen back towards us yelling, "more coffee?  more coffee?"  He would then pour us coffee in our mugs and head back for more.  His favorite new words are "More Coffee?" 

Next up, the baby.  He's obsessed with the words "apple pie."  The reason I say the words rather than actual apple pie is because I'm fairly certain that he has never seen or tasted an apple pie.  I have video which I will post when I figure out how to cut portions of it that illustrates this new obsession.  We ask him what he's making in the kitchen and he says apple pie.  Even if it's in a coffee cup.  We ask him what the elephant is in the book and he says apple pie.  He sometimes will follow this apple pie business with hysterical laughter.  It's the funniest thing I've ever seen.  I'm going to buy him an apple pie so he sees what it is that has him so taken. 

Last but not least, the little lady.  I think she probably was the sickest, so she was the grumpiest this weekend.  However, she was not without her moments.  She's also big on the kitchen (as well as "jump, jump" on the trampoline).  But she seems more mesmerized by the little stove top sound effects from the pots and pans.  And she's learned to fight her brothers.  They like to steam roll over her for the item in the kitchen they want (mostly the eldest), but she will scream and fight them for it now.  She's clearly got the stereotypical girl response and the stereotypical boy response working in tandem - she will let out a cry like she has lost her dog but pair it with a big hit upside their heads.  The former we work with her on, the latter sends her time out (stealing a coffee pot does not warrant hitting, yet). 

I look forward to what they'll come up with this week.

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