Friday, December 9, 2011

Waking Up

My darling boy had a nightmare or something last night around midnight and woke up crying for mommy.  Because I'd gone to a holiday party, I had missed putting the kids down for bed and really found myself missing hugging on them.  So instead of being the consistent responsible mommy, I went in and plucked my little man out of bed and brought him in to sleep with us.  He's actually probably the best about sleeping, actually sleeping, in our bed, so the majority of the night was fairly restful despite an extra body in bed.  But the best part of it was waking up this morning.  Bray and I woke before he did, and I just laid there watching his sweet little face.  I don't know that I've ever actually watched the process of one of my kids waking up.  When I get to them, they're normally already awake.  So I got to watch him scrunch up, and then stretch, and then open his eye lids, and then watch them fall heavily back down, and then he rolled over and puckered his perfect little mouth, and then back came the eye lids opening as he processed where he was and what time of day it was.  It was just precious.  He's such a pretty child, but I never really get to study his face because he's two and running around like a mad man.  But this morning was quiet and still and I got to thank God for my beautiful blessings.  He awoke before the other two as well so we even got a few extra minutes to snuggle before the day got going.  What an amazing way to start off a day. 

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