Friday, December 23, 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, then you know that I had relatively healthy kids until school began.  Then, like floodgates opening (and like I was warned by many a parent before me), every other week the trio, or some portion of them, were sick.  Unfortunately, that pattern did not pass the holidays by.  Everyone was well the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving so it was inevitable we'd catch something at large gatherings.  And catch we did.  Three sick kids for two weeks on z-pac and then hand, foot and mouth to top it all off.  Everyone had been well for over a week when we went to the farm this past weekend.  And now, in these mere days and hours before Christmas, everyone is sick again. 

The eldest led the pack on Monday with coughing and fever.  Sadly, five days later and he's almost worse than when he started.  We were at Texas Children's Hospital this morning for x-rays.  Fortunately it is not pneumonia, but unfortunately it is viral and there's no good treatment for his thickened lungs, roller coaster fevers, and restless coughing nights.  By Wednesday, the little lady had it, and the baby was in the throws of it by yesterday.  After returning home from TCH with my big boy this morning, I spent forever in our doctor's office (only to see her back up who I'm not a fan of) and found out the doctor thought the whole family had contracted whatever this virus was and I should just hydrate them and try to keep the fever under control.  BUT.... we got a call a half hour later, darling girl's flu test came back positive!  A weak positive but still positive.  We all were good patients and had flu shots in September, but all for naught.  I begged the back-up doctor to call in Tamiflu for BOTH the baby and the little lady because everyone clearly had it. 

Tonight was the worst of the week yet.  In addition to all three kids being sick, I'm sick now too, and they're starting to potty train and Bray has to work a ton of hours leading up to Christmas.  So tonight I got poop on my hand twice from potty runs that were successful (albeit during the middle of me trying to prep dinner and each run taking a minimum of 10 min), was thrown up on twice (a new symptom the baby added tonight), sat helplessly through harrowing coughing because when their fits are simultaneous it appears they will all throw up, and ran through three diaper rags cleaning up nose goo. 

People used to say I was the perfect person to have triplets.  I'm so organized and scheduled.  And that may be true when they're well, but when everyone is sick, this sick, I'm utterly and completely overwhelmed.  And the fact that Santa is coming tomorrow night and this is our current state has me in tears.  I don't even know if I have the groceries I need for our meal Sunday but it doesn't matter because I can't take three sick kids to the grocery store solo on Christmas Eve..........

The kids were so excited for Santa and Christmas and started "getting it" this year for the first time.  We've spent all week assembling things and wrapping presents.  All I can do now is pray for a Christmas miracle.

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  1. I just discovered this ... hope you don't mind I laughed at this .. you see I can so relate .. although I did not have triplets .. I had a very sickly child .. my daughter was always ill .. and when we got into her high school years we spent MANY MANY nights at the St Luke's emergency .. sleeping in the hallway with her on a "gurney" became a well practiced art form for me.. once she was in kidney failure and we were still in the hall...

    She has grown up .. she is better .. but when I hear her sneeze I grab the keys .. at this point she just laughs ..