Monday, December 19, 2011

The Farm Before Christmas

So instead of the traditional Night Before Christmas, we spent our weekend before Christmas at the family farm.  I've written about it before but it will likely appear more often now that my children are absolutely OBSESSED with the farm.  Everything from tractors, four-wheelers, cows, horses, and grandma and grandpa just fascinates them (all words they mastered now, by the way, they've grown quite verbose). 

Grandmother had the farm all done up in festive decor and the kids ran miles, I would estimate, in the two days we were there.  Not only were there the joys of farm-filled goings on, but three of their cousins happened to be there to which just added to the excitement. 

I, if you haven't picked up on this, am a city girl.  I married a fellow that could live on the farm or the ranch in a minute.  I personally think this combo is going to result in very well rounded children - they'll be well-read and rooted in the arts and music, but they will also be able to work a cow and ride a horse better than anyone else in grade school.  Here are a few shots from the highlights of the weekend which included: the eldest and little lady riding their first horse (with grandfather of course!), feeding the cows both by hand with cubes and by tractor with hay (the eldest taking to it the best and literally letting the cows lick all the food right off his hand, he now says tongue A LOT because those animals have some seriously long tongues), swinging on the swing set and with grandmother on the tree swing, sitting by a bonfire, running across acres of land, the baby driving BOTH grandfather's truck and daddy's tractor, and taking the four-wheeler/buggy from one end of the farm to the other.  It was chilly but sunny so there wasn't a moment when they weren't outside - they didn't even want to eat their meals or take naps because it would take them away from the bliss of it all. 

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