Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hand, Foot and What!?!?!?

We have hand foot and mouth disease.  I use "we" loosely mind you, I technically don't have it, but I'm living with it.  Turns out, it's not a British cow disease, but rather a fairly common toddler disease that looks like the plague.  The eldest has it the worst.  The other two are getting it.  It has been ONE of those weeks. 

We had almost TWO full weeks of three well toddlers.  That occurred over Thanksgiving as well, which nearly never happens as their bodies sense when events are planned and explode with illness.  However, between a very big family Thanksgiving and a two year old birthday party to attend, I KNEW someone would get something.  I just didn't know everyone would get multiple things.........agh.

The doctor's visit for my eldest on Monday gave a relatively serious prognosis - he'd contracted something akin to the little lady's nastiness a few weeks back and was put on kiddie z-pac and a breathing treatment.  He'd had a scary high fever and I was hoping this would do the trick.  By Tuesday, the baby had it.  High fevers included.  So he went on z-pac and breathing treatments.  We have to be particularly careful with him because of his asthma.  By Thursday, darling girl started running a fever.  But when we got her into the doctor (Bray and my nanny were gone so I panicked about taking 3 two year olds to the doctor alone), the doctor was more concerned by the eldest's fairly horrific rash.  Turns out, it's hand foot and mouth disease and it's going around.  While apparently it's relatively harmless, it does result in fevers, painful rashes (around the, yep you guessed it, hands feet and mouth) and sore throats.  Plus, it's highly contagious. 

So today we're on lock down in our house and backyard.  The inside of my sweet boy's mouth is covered in sores and the doctor said he even has them on his throat.  She thinks the little lady's fever is just that she's catching the lovely HFAM and we'll see break outs soon.  We're already seeing them on the baby boy.  His hands and calves have these little red dots. 

But the poor poor eldest definitely has it the worst.  Here is is showing me his boo-boos.........say a little prayer for my darling boy:

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